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All Wastelander Challenges in Fortnite and how to get them

You got what it takes?

Wastelander Challenges in Fortnite provide extra difficulty to your Fortnite game. Some Fortnite quests require you to take on these challenges and even earn a Victory Royale with one active.

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How to activate a Wastelander Challenge in Fortnite

Currently, the only Fortnite Quest surrounding the Wastelander Challenges is the Jumpstart Quest requiring you to start one, which isn’t a big deal. Before long, there’ll be a quest demanding you win a game with one. So be ready with your Power Armor.

There are four Wastelander Beacons scattered around the Fortnite map that you’ll have to go up to. These beacons are essentially radios broadcasting a challenge to you, and should you choose to accept. Be warned: These Wastelander Challenges will be inhibiting you for the rest of your session.

Wastelander Challenge Fortnite
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To find the locations of the Wastelander Beacons, head over to your Quests. Go into Jumpstart Quests and select the “Accept a Wastelander Challenge.” To the right, all the Wastelander Beacon locations will appear on the map. Choose one of them and place a marker over it so you’ll be shown where it is in-game.

So when you next drop in, you’ll be able to visit the Wastelander Beacon and accept the challenge. Each beacon will offer you a random challenge of six. You can accept it or decline it, but you can’t change it.

All Wastelander Challenge locations in Fortnite

I thought it would be useful for you to have a reference that you can still see whilst you’re in-game. Use the map and bulleted list below to help you find a Wastelander Challenge in Fortnite.

Wastelander Map Fortnite
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You’ll find a Wastelander Beacon at the following regions:

  • In Mount Olympus just below Reckless Railways
  • On the coast between Brutal Beachhead and Redline Rig
  • Just above the Rebel’s Outpost
  • To the right of Classy Courts over the river

Any of these locations will do, so choose the one closest to your preferred dropping point.

All Wastelander Challenges in Fortnite

There are six Wastelander Challenges in total in Fortnite. It’s random which one you will get, but it’ll be wise to know what you could be in for.

Here are all the Wastelander Challenges in Fortnite:

Wastelander ChallengeInhibitions
The Floor Is LavaTake 5 damage when touching the floor.
Jammed ClipsCan no longer reload.
Full ThrottleTake 5 damage when not moving.
Perma-DamageHealth and Shield items can’t be used.
UnshieldedCannot gain Shields.
Burnin’ Hot ItemsTake 5 damage when picking up any item.

These Wastelander Challenges are pretty hardcore. Unfortunately, there’s no reason to really take them apart from completing quests (that aren’t out yet, but we know they will be soon thanks to leakers).

Oh, and by the way, if you experience lag, I would not suggest picking up The Floor Is Lava or Full Throttle. You’ll be burning away without being able to do anything about it. Oh, and also, both of those challenges still count even when using vehicles. There is no easy way out.

Now that you know how to make your game significantly harder, why don’t you make it worthwhile and earn the Fallout Power Armor to really show off your capabilities?

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