war of the vikings (4)

“I’d like to axe you a question.”

FatShark’s follow-up to War of the Roses gets a closed alpha underway today, with sign-ups still being taken if your beard is mighty enough. War of the Vikings sounds, structurally, quite like Roses with two teams (Vikings and Saxons) going axe-to-axe in third-person combat until only one set remains with functioning limbs.

This alpha will run until 1 September, and features two maps with the “Pitched Arena” mode. That means no respawning and battling to the last man. As it should be.

The full game is promising a wide range of customisation, but for now the alpha players will have three classes to choose from. These are they:

  • Warrior (Medium Class): An all-around warrior with medium armor, rampaging through the battlefield with a sword and shield, and throwing axes.
  • Huscarl (Heavy Class): A heavily armored juggernaut with charged up attacks whose two-handed axe will cut a path through his foes.
  • Scout (Light Class): A ranged fighter who picks off enemies with a longbow, but carries a light axe if things get a little too personal.

War of the Vikings is due for a full release in early 2014. A scattering of GamesCom screenshots follows.

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