Vita Pch 2000

Amazon UK’s Keta Patel may have had glowing words for Nintendo, but he had a different tune for the Playstation Vita. In his words, the console is ‘struggling, absolutely, in terms of the market segment.’

All is not gloom and doom for the console, as it saw some interest rise in the UK following the Playstation 4 launch, and they are now set to release the Vita PCH-2000 model, also known as the Slim, shortly. It’s worth noting that UK sales chart trackers do not release figures, and Sony hides Vita sales with PSP sales, so we don’t have concrete figures for Vita sales in the UK. However, Patel has some stinging words for the console, based on what he has seen it perform under Amazon. You can find out what he said after the jump.

As Patel puts it, the price point is too high. In fact, the LCD screen Vita 2000 will retail for £180, higher than what they are charging for older, OLED models. There have also been arguments that the Vita console price is fudged over the cost of the memory cards, which the Vita 2000 at least addresses.

Patel does believe the Playstation 4 compatibility will give it a kickstart and the console will do better this year. Ultimately, however, he doubts the console will meet the expectations that Sony had for it.

Amazon UK’s Ketu Patel Talks Digital Sales, Microconsoles, Leaks

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