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AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPU spec leak reveals 5.7 GHz frequencies

Another day, another AMD leak.

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 Series CPU lineup is planned to release in the fall. Ahead of this release, there have been rolling reveals slowly letting the public in on what this generation of processors and supporting motherboards will be like. Needless to say, plenty of leaked specs have emerged along the way. According to, the new AMD 7950X processor will reach frequencies up to 5.7 GHz, and the more-than-likely favorite for consumers, the 7600X, will manage 5.3 GHz.

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This leak means that AMD has focused heavily on bolstering the peak stock frequencies of its processors, with the top model being almost 800 MHz higher than the prior generation. We already knew the 7900X was capable of reaching 5.5 GHz on stock settings, and it appears this has been improved since even then. AMD is likely hesitant to confirm any leaks before the formal lineup reveal, and it makes sense because final tuning might be required to match Intel’s Raptor Lake, while maintaining relatively good power consumption efficiency for the Ryzen 7000 Series.


Cache out

Besides this, the leak also shows that the cache sizes for the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs will be much higher than the prior generation. The 7950X boasts a total of 80 MB (16+64), compared to the 5950X at 72 MB (8+64). The comparison is close to the same for the 7600X and the 5600X, with the 7600X getting 38 MB (6 + 32) and the 5600X getting 35 MB (3+32). These upgrades typically translate to better overall framerates and faster load times in games, and overall faster load times for operating systems and apps.

Amd 7000 Series Leak Image

Alleged Ryzen 7000 specifications. (Image credit and source: ECSM on Bilibili).

AMD Ryzen 7000 specification leaks

The TDP for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series is rising as well. The 7950X will likely reach a TDP of 170W, which is a large increase over the 105W TDP of the 5950X. We can see that AMD has really stepped up it’s game to compete with Intel in the next generation. It is natural that the increased clock speeds will also require an increase in power consumption.

Similar to how increased cache benefits framerates, we should expect the same from the frequency increases for the Ryzen 7000 Series. As a general rule, older games tend to reach higher framerates primarily due to increased frequencies. Core counts will also matter for newer games that leverage multi-core CPUs. Based on this leak, AMD will retain the same core counts as the 5000 Series for the different tiers across the 7000 Series lineup.

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Series should launch on the 15th of September, after an announcement was leaked for the end of August. We don’t have much information regarding the pricing of the processors, however, there is speculation that the general pricing will remain comparable to the Ryzen 5000 Series. If this remains true, then it is reasonable to think AMD will make a big splash with the Ryzen 7000 Series thanks to a strong combination of high frequencies, better IPC, more cache, and attractive pricing.

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