AMD Ryzen 7000 Series rumored for September release with August reveal

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It’s been a bit of a boring summer in terms of hardware releases, but the time of hibernation is nearly over for the big tech gaming companies. AMD in particular has upcoming CPU and GPU launches, and we now have a good idea of when exactly the Ryzen 7000 Series will release.

Perhaps even more exciting is the info on when we’ll find out about some official specs, benchmarks, and the overall gaming performance. Thanks to sources which spoke with WCCFTech, it’s now expected that AMD will fully reveal the Ryzen 7000 Series on August 29. The presentation will likely also include lineup details and more info on AM5 motherboards.


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Although AMD has repeatedly teased the Zen 4 architecture and what Ryzen 7000 CPUs can do in terms of clock speeds, there’s still a lot of missing official info that makes it difficult to know the exact performance. It sounds like gaming performance could improve at least 10-15% on average, though. Multi-threaded performance uplifts for maintaining steady framerates during gameplay capture, running peripheral background controls, or just video rendering/other creative workloads could improve another 30% over Zen 3.

The leaked lineup is another interesting point of discussion. We can apparently look forward to an initial lineup including the 7950X, 7900X, 7700X, and 7600X. Interestingly enough, the 7800X is missing in action, which is currently fueling speculation that it will feature as a the mainstream entry in a V-Cache lineup refresh with improved gaming performance in 2023. Pricing is unconfirmed, but we might just see a repeat of the same prices from the Ryzen 5000 Series if Intel 13th gen Raptor Lake is equally competitive to AMD.

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As for when you’ll be able to find independent reviews and buy one of these for yourself, the leak suggests September 13 for review embargoes and a September 15 release for the first wave of Ryzen 7000 chips.

This leaked info coincides with AMD’s official statement from its Q2 2022 Financial Report, but the company has repeatedly stated throughout the year that Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs are anticipated for a fall release. It’s good to see that target hasn’t shifted by much, if anything. As always with leaked info, we remind you to handle it as rumor in the meantime. Fortunately, we don’t have much longer to wait.

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