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Amnesia: Rebirth takes you on a dark descent into terrifying locations. With no means of fighting back, you’ll have to outrun and outlast ghoulish denizens and nightmarish terrors. You also have to battle against the fear that takes hold of your character Tasi Trianon. Here’s our beginner’s guide with several tips to help you survive and manage Tasi’s fear of the unknown.

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Amnesia: Rebirth – Beginner’s guide to surviving and handling your fears

Turn, twist, and lift everything

Amnesia: Rebirth is a survival horror game with the point-and-click gameplay you’ve come to know from previous titles in the franchise. As such, you’ll find yourself clicking on objects and lifting, turning, or rotating them in search of clues. Try to keep this in mind when you spot containers (i.e., boxes, baskets, and the like) since there might be notes or resources that are underneath or inside them.

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Fear of the dark

When Tasi is in a darkened area or if she sees grotesque things and corpses, she’ll slowly succumb to fear (aka. sanity). This mechanic is symbolized by black tendrils at the edge of your screen. The longer this persists, the more you’ll experience ghastly visions that flash before your eyes.

To help Tasi survive, you’ve got matches scattered around (usually inside or on top of containers). You can only hold up to 10 of these at any given time. Matches, once struck (“R” key), will go out after a few seconds pass or if Tasi keeps moving around. You’ll want to find a flammable object such as a torch, lamp, or candle (even lighting multiple ones using a single match) so as not to waste these precious items.

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You’ve also got a lantern you’ll discover fairly early on in Amnesia: Rebirth. This object is carried around, although it will continue using up fuel when active (“F” key). You’ll need to find oil flasks that restore a bit of power to the lantern.

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Well-lit rooms, natural light sources, and talking to your baby

Some of the levels in Amnesia: Rebirth have well-lit rooms or those with natural light sources. The music will change when inside since these are areas that let fear subside. You won’t even need matches or a lantern.

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Likewise, Tasi will be able to hold her belly and speak with the child she’s carrying (press and hold the “X” key) to help her gain composure against her fears. This occurs when you see a blue flash on your screen denoting that her daughter is kicking around in her womb.

Additionally, this presents a touching moment that defines motherhood and Tasi’s goal of protecting her baby. Tasi will have a little dialogue, allowing you to further immerse yourself and understand her plight.

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The Dark World: Rifts and your amulet

There are parts of Amnesia: Rebirth‘s stages where you’ll see strange-colored rocks and walls (usually with a bluish hue and some floating stones). If you use your amulet (“C” key), the device just might glow.

The walls or rocks will then open up to reveal rifts, passageways into the “Dark World,” a mysterious realm that Tasi can travel to. You may also use the amulet to reveal your path in case you get lost in some parts of the Dark World, such as those shrouded in fog or ones that are akin to mazes.

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Bear in mind that some sections of this realm have natural light sources like glowing plants and, early on, you won’t need to strike a match or use a lantern. However, Tasi will still feel the effects of fear if there are otherworldly or horrible scenes that she looks at directly.

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Run like hell or sneak around

Although Amnesia: Rebirth relies on atmospheric horror and the tension that builds up throughout its stages, there are still monsters that you need to contend with. You don’t have the means of fighting back (no shotguns, chainsaws, or laser bolts). Instead, you have to rely on your wits.

In some parts of the game, running is the best option (hold the shift key). Of course, this makes you easier to detect. But, if you’re quick enough, you might just make your escape.

In other situations, it’s better to sneak and hide. Again, looking at these monstrosities directly will make Tasi fear for her life. Still, if you crouch (press the CTRL key), and walk gingerly, you might find a room that you can lock. You could also hold the CTRL key to go prone. It’s even possible to “cheese” enemy detection sometimes, making them pass by without issues.

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The objective isn’t to win

When you first start Amnesia: Rebirth‘s campaign, you’re told that the objective isn’t to win. It’s to immerse yourself in the narrative and atmosphere crafted by Frictional Games.

Bear this in mind as you continue to progress. Keep calm, don’t panic, and enjoy the moments.

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Amnesia: Rebirth is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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