As expected, the gaming industry has continued to expand, and apparently, will continue to for the next year and foreseeable future too. But who really did you think was seeing the most market growth? Well China are leagues ahead of and beyond anyone else right now but a pretty large margin.

Let’s take a look at some statistics here, so we can get a better grasp of just how wide this gap actually is.

Chine is currently leading in statistics of both online PC gamers and mobile gamers, with a fairly mind blowing 120 million online PC gamers and 160 million mobile gamers.

In second place is the US, with a respectable 52 million online PC gamers and 100 million mobile gamers.

As you can see the gap is pretty huge, especially between online PC gamers, with China having more than double the numbers of the US.

The video games market is also expected to grow another 8% from this year to next, with an expected revenue increase of 20.1 billion USD from last year to grow to 25.5 billion USD by 2015.


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