Aoc Agon Ag273qz

There’s a world of difference that comes with new hardware, especially gaming monitors. Remember back in the old days, when you swapped that CRT for something with fewer curves? Those were the days. But now, the demand is as much interior as it is exterior. Hardware manufacturer AOC has announced a new gaming monitor, the AOC AGON AG273QZ that aims to give you the best your PC can offer with higher fresh rates and HDR support.

What’s in the box?!

For starters, the newly announced monitor from AOC will find itself living the slightly large life, chiming in at 27″. However, it’s much of what’s under the hood, along with its shape, that makes it a good contender for your dough. The AOC AGON (AG273QZ) monitor has a 240Hz refresh rate. Speaking from personal experience, if you’re playing with a standard monitor, the improvement to even 144Hz is immediately noticeable once changed. For the picture itself, it’s a 2560X1440 (1440P) QHD display with a 0.5ms response time.

Aoc Agon Ag273qz 2

While the display resolution does chime in at 1440P, there are still some other features that will help bolster your experience. The first example of that is the VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. This is an approval for things such as color capabilities, luminance, and contrast. In terms of brightness, usually, anything that is capable of reaching a rating of 500 nits is the gold standard. The AGON AG273QZ offers up 400 nits brightness while also supporting AMD’s FreeSync technology. This helps the monitor match refresh rates with your display framerate, significantly reducing the probability of screen tearing.

Soon, friend. Soon.

It looks like the monitor is just about ready to launch. We don’t have an exact date, but they have stated that it will indeed release in February 2020. Still, you had better be ready to shell out the big bucks. The AOC AGON AG273QZ will run you €769, or around $835 USD.

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