Yo ho ho, shipmates. Get used to every games journalist opening articles with infuriating pirate talk for the next few months, because Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag information is tumbling out like captured soldiers off the plank of a ship.

    A leaked trailer (recreated below, though it may be removed at some point) has confirmed that the protagonist for this jaunt will be Captain Edward Kenway, a chap so pirate-tastic that even Blackbeard talks about him in awed tones. Judging by a smattering of leaked images (first shown on allgamesbeta, I believe) it appears you’ll be taking the good Captain to islands thick with jungle, diving beneath the waves, sailing around and causing havoc in various ports.

    Acting like a pirate, basically. The stated release date is 29 October, and the game is, of course, coming to the PC.


    Peter Parrish

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