ASUS reveals a RTX 3050 Ti option for the 2021 TUF Dash F15 laptop

Asus Rtx 3050 Ti Laptop.

The RTX 30 Series lineup continues to perform exceptionally well in terms of sales. There is now an arguably near-complete lineup of desktop options in addition to multiple to tiers of mobile GPU choices. Given the overwhelming demand though, it seems logical for Nvidia to go all out and offer as many options as it did for the GTX 10 Series back in 2016. We now know there’s an RTX 3050 Ti laptop GPU in the works, thanks to a presumably accidental reveal by ASUS.

As spotted by @momomo_us on Twitter, ASUS listed the RTX 3050 Ti presumably as an entry-level option for its 2021 TUF Dash F15 laptop. We say that because it appears to only have 60W of TGP and a mere 4GB of DDR6 memory based upon correlating information that references the code name of GN20-P1. That makes the GPU comparable to the 1050 Ti in terms of power and quantity of memory. That shouldn’t confuse you though, as it will perform far better on the Ampere architecture and improved manufacturing node among other improvements. It’s still pretty disappointing though to see how low the card is spec’d at. This certainly claims the throne of this generation’s entry-level RTX GPU.


It seems that ASUS was a tad early in revealing its plans to introduce the Dash F15’s cheapest GPU option. Nvidia has yet to confirm the RTX 3050 Ti, and a proper reveal will likely do it more justice than these limited specs we have to work with right now. Ray tracing will likely be out of the question, but it should still deliver a decent 1080p gaming experience. Especially if you make use of features like DLSS. Still, you shouldn’t expect the RTX 3050 Ti to perform remotely close to its enthusiast-grade counterparts.

Rtx 3050 Ti Asus Laptop

(Image credit: @momomo_us on Twitter).

You didn’t see that

It appears that ASUS has now removed the listing, as the product page for the TUF Dash F15 laptop just returns to the company’s main landing page. However, it seems guaranteed that we can expect the 3050 Ti to show up sooner or later. We may even see a desktop version with a little more power to boot.

Nvidia is expected to keep the Ti models coming, with a 3080 Ti also in the works, according to rumors over the past several months. Seeing as we already have the official 3060 Ti, we might see more Ti offerings come as premium options later this year. It would certainly follow precedent to how the Super series enhanced the standard RTX 20 Series.

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