Baldur’s Gate 3: Druid class guide – Best race, background, and spells

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Skills and abilities

As stated previously, Larian Studios changed the skills you can be Proficient in to align with your class. Now, this makes it easier for you to be any race you want when become a Druid. You can also decide on your ability scores, which we’ll detail below.

Druid Proficiencies

  • Weapons: Clubs, Maces, Javelins, Sickles, Daggers, Quarterstaves, Scimitars, Spears, Sickles
  • Armor: Light & Medium Armor, Shields
  • Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom


Wisdom is the most important attribute for Druids. This class can choose to be Proficient in two of these skills: Arcana, Nature, Religion, Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, and Survival. Luckily, many of these skills are Wisdom skills, which works in your favor. Depending on which Background you choose, you may already have Proficiency in some of these skills.

Choosing the right Proficiency depends on what you think your Druid will be doing most. Medicine is highly useful, as it’s used when helping to stabilize a dying companion. Nature is also a great one for deciphering plants and animals. You should also consider Animal Handling, since you’ll be dealing with a ton of animals in this game.

Druid Skills

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Given all the terms that are synonymous with “abilities,” I genuinely feel that we should just start calling these things “attributes” or “stats” (even if the panel says differently). Anyway, here’s an example:

  • Strength (10) – You’ll be slinging spells most of the time as a Druid, so this doesn’t need to be that high.
  • Dexterity (15) – This is primarily to boost your attacks with DEX-based weapons, provide an increase to your Armor Class rating, and, of course, enhance your Initiative bonus (how soon you’ll have your turn in battle).
  • Constitution (14) – This is for your HP in humanoid form. Funnily enough, once you gain the ability to use Wild Shape (level 2), your animal transformation’s health pool is separate from that of your humanoid form.
  • Intelligence (8) – You won’t use this often, so this gets dumped.
  • Wisdom (17) – This should be maxed out. Later, once you hit level 4, you can choose the “Ability Improvement” feat to add an extra +2 points to wisdom.
  • Charisma (10) – Same with intelligence.

You can then assign a bonus +2 and +1 to one stat each. I gave the +2 bonus to Wisdom, since it’s a Druid’s main ability. Then, I gave the +1 bonus to Constitution, for that bonus health. Okay, since we’ve talked about all these points, it’s time to discuss the best spells for the Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldurs Gate 3 Druid Class Guide Abilities

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