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Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Best Druid subclass – Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Land, or Circle of the Spores?

Everything comes full circle.

Once Druids hit level two in Baldur’s Gate 3, they gain access to their three subclasses: Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Land, and Circle of the Spores.

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Here’s our guide to help you choose the best Druid subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3: Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Land, or Circle of the Spores.

What is the best Druid subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Druids are a lot of fun in Baldur’s Gate 3, and they get even more fun when they get their subclass. All three Druid subclass options are fun, but the best Druid subclass is Circle of the Moon. There are some key differences when you choose Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Land, or Circle of the Spores subclass for your Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3. Let’s talk about these in detail.

1. Circle of the Moon

This Druid subclass focuses on the Wild Shape ability which lets you transform into various animals. Moreover, this unlocks a fifth form, the Bear, which is extremely tanky and beefy. It’s perfect for those no-nonsense runs where you just want to pummel enemies or if you want to be the tank in your four-person party.

Likewise, two major facets come into play here. The first is that Wild Shape becomes a Bonus Action instead of a regular action. As mentioned in our combat guide, Bonus Actions add a lot of versatility to how you approach tactical battles in Baldur’s Gate 3. As for the second, it’s called Lunar Mend. It lets you consume a spell slot to replenish your Wild Shape health.

Since Wild Shape is such a central part of a Druid’s build, Circle of the Moon takes the number one ranking. Even in D&D, Circle of the Moon is probably the most beloved class. Getting to transform as a Bonus Action, and still having an Action to do an attack is crucial during combat.

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2. Circle of the Spores

Circle of the Spores is the newest Druid subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3 and it’s an interesting one that focuses on Poison spells. At level two, you get Halo of Spores as a Reaction which unleashes a cloud of spores onto enemies. You also get Symbiotic Entity which heals you for eight HP and also deals 1-6 Necrotic damage while also doubling the damage of Halo of Spores.

Basically, with the Circle of the Spores subclass, you still play as an up close and personal Druid, but you get interesting spells that help you dispatch enemies. All of the spells you get are spore-based and usually deal Necrotic damage. You’ll unlock more spore spells as you level up and become a master of life and decay.

I think Circle of the Spores is a great Druid subclass that offers a different playstyle to the Circle of the Moon which is all about shapeshifting and Circle of the Land which is all about longer-range spells. If you want to still be a tank but have some special damage capabilities, Druid Circle of the Spores is the way to go.

3. Circle of the Land

The final Druid subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3 is called the Circle of the Land. This provides you with an extra cantrip (in addition to the two that you picked during character creation). Also, you’ll gain Natural Recovery, which allows you to replenish expended spells once per day. Depending on which type of land you choose in this subclass, you get a few extra unique spells at level 3 (and others at levels 5, 7, and 9):

  • Arctic: Hold Person, Spike Growth
  • Coast: Mirror Image, Misty Step
  • Desert: Blur, Silence
  • Forest: Barkskin, Hold Person
  • Grassland: Invisibility, Pass Without Trace
  • Mountain: Mirror Image, Spike Growth
  • Swamp: Melf’s Acid Arrow, Darkness
  • Underdark: Web, Misty Step

Anyway, it should be fairly obvious, but the Druid’s Circle of the Moon and Circle of the Spores subclass completely trumps the Circle of the Land. This subclass is a lot more focused on spellcasting, but not enough to prove itself better than the others.

Not to say a spellcasting Druid isn’t fun or effective, it’s just that shapeshifting is a Druid’s main thing and Circle of the Moon does the best job at buffing that with the help of Bear.

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