Baldurs Gate 3 How To Impress The Murder Tribunal
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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to impress the Murder Tribunal

Welcome to the Bhaal cult!

Once you make it to Act Three of Baldur’s Gate 3, there are tons of unique and exciting quests to discover. If you’re playing the Dark Urge, or an evil character, you may want to consider doing this specific quest. You can get the chance to impress a bunch of murderers into letting you into their murder club that worships Bhaal. Interested in becoming an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal? Let’s dive into how to impress the Murder Tribunal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to impress the Murder Tribunal and become an Unholy Assassin in Baldur’s Gate 3

First of all, before you should even consider starting this quest, you’ll need to complete a few other prerequisite quests. These quests take place in Act Three.

Baldurs Gate 3 How To Solve Open Hand Temple Murders Valeria

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Other than this string of quests, you can also have the option of finding Dribbles the Clown’s body parts. If that isn’t something you care for doing, you can stick to the Open Hand Temple murders questline. Once you find the culprit of the murders and take them down, you’ll gain an interesting prize. You get four severed hands of Dolor’s victims, which become useful when you’re trying to impress the Murder Tribunal.

Now, you just have to find the tribunal. It’s below Candulhallow’s Tombstones, but there’s a secret entrance to it. Luckily, we have a guide on how to find the entrance. Once you make your way into the basement, a Death Knight stands guard. Tell him that you killed to get here, and you have the victim’s hand as proof. You’re officially welcome into the Bhaalist Crypt.

How To Enter Temple Of Bhaal Doors In Baldurs Gate 3 Sarevok Anchev

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How to impress Sarevok Anchev

Any fan of the previous Baldur’s Gate game will recognize this fellow. Sarevok Anchev is alive and thriving as a Bhaalspawn, and needs to approve of you first. You must convince Sarevok that you killed this victim, but this gets difficult as their spirit appears in front of you. Now, you have to successfully pass a check to pretend that you killed them.

I recommend that you don’t bring Jaheira with you, as she was one of many in the previous Baldur’s Gate installment to take Sarevok down. If you do bring her, you’ll need to pass a pretty difficult check to pretend that she’s a mere servant. You can also sacrifice her, which may be a good decision for an evil character.

Baldurs Gate 3 How To Impress The Murder Tribunal Valeria

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Once you impress him, Sarevok takes you into another chamber with Valeria. This is the investigator from the Open Hand Temple murders. Everyone in the chamber awaits your decision to murder Valeria. If you follow through with this, you’re now a Bhaal worshipper, and you’ve impressed the Murder Tribunal!

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