Baldur’s Gate 3 players are breaking their Paladin Oaths in the stupidest ways possible

Baldurs Gate 3 Players Are Breaking Paladin Oaths In The Stupidest Ways
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When you’re a Paladin in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must follow your Oath to avoid becoming the Oathbreaker subclass, but some players are breaking their Oaths in the stupidest ways possible.

No judgement here, because one fan on Reddit discussed how they stupidly broke their Oath without thinking. Then other players joined in to talk about some of the funny ways they accidentally broke their Oath.

BG3 players on Reddit discuss how they stupidly broke their Paladin Oaths

On the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit, one fan started a long discussion amongst other players about breaking Paladin Oaths in the stupidest ways. They said that during Act 2 they found Arabella’s parents long before, but now Arabella was asking if they’d found them. Since they were reluctant to break her heart with the news of their demise, they lied and said they were still looking for them. As soon as they left the conversation, they broke their Oath of Devotion.

Although this player thought they were doing the right thing by not hurting Arabella, it seems that telling the truth is one of the rules of this Oath, especially for children. While this may sound like a silly mistake to make, other players on the discussion thread talked about other ways they stupidly broke their own Oaths.

Baldur's Gate 3 players are breaking Paladin Oaths in the stupidest ways
Screenshot: PC Invasion

One player ended up clocking a comrade with a healing potion instead of breaking the bottle nearby. There’s a trick in BG3 where you can actually throw a potion bottle and break it on the ground, leaving anyone nearby to take its effects. But instead, they hit a party member’s head with it, which broke their Oath.

Another player said they remembered hearing about a player accidentally falling onto a civilian in Baldur’s Gate 3, which is an awkward way to break your Oath. Speaking of civilians, someone else said they broke their Oath when a bystander wandered right into their Hunger of Hadar spell. Even if they had no control over it, this triggered the Oath-breaking.

Although this may sound like a silly bunch of strict rules you need to follow to keep your Paladin subclass, I find it to be super impressive that the Paladin class functions so similarly to how does in the D&D 5e rules. And besides, Oathbreaker is a super fun subclass to play!

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