Banished expected in January for around $20


Shining Rock Entertainment‘s Luke Hodorowicz has just taken part in a Q&A and revealed a rough release date for his medieval city builder Banished.

Taking part in an AMA session he said that he expected to release the game for around $20 and there will be a small pool of beta testers putting the game through its paces before it’s released. He also said he is aiming for a January release date at this stage and that development is “pretty much done”.

Luke is also considering modding support but says that won’t be available in the initial release and that mod kit would have to be created after the initial game release.

There was also discussion covering the idea of adding combat to the game and he says that could be a possibility and that there is a “design” for it. It could be added in an expansion but the game would be playable without it should it get added in the future. There are also no plans for any multiplayer in case you were wondering.

According to Luke he’s spent around 5500 hours developing the game which is three year’s of work. Pretty impressive when you think there is only one guy working on the game full time.

Banished is one title we’re looking forward to getting our hands on, it’s been a long time since a decent city builder was released and we have high hopes for this one.

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