Fed up of Rage or Forza 4? Trade them in and visit Gotham for 99p.
So, where’s the cheapest for Batman: Arkham City?
As is becoming usual, it’s HMV offering the most eye-catching deal. It doesn’t come without its downside, though. Arkham City can be yours for 99p but you’ll need to trade-in either Rage or Forza 4
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It’s usually the supermarkets that provide the best ‘flat rate’ price, but for now they’re staying tight-lipped as to their plans for the Caped Crusader. We will update this article with all new prices when they are revealed.
Game have yet to foget the value of a good trade-in deal. Arkham City can be picked up for £4.99 if you part ways with Gears of War 3, Fifa 12, X-Men Destiny or Forza 4. Seems everyone wants to horde pre-owned copies of Turn 10’s racer.
Online it’s probably the The Hut with the tempting offer. For £36.95 you can get a copy of Arkham City, alongside Blu-Rays on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Returns.
Elsewhere online, Zavvi are going with £37.85, Sainsbury’s Entertainment £37.99 while both Blockbuster.co.uk and Play.com are listing £39.99.
The special edition is priced between £55 and £60 across the board. 
We’ll update you on PC pricing closer to the time. It’s currently scheduled for a 18 November release.
Read our 9/10 review of Batman: Arkham City.

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