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Another beautiful June day in Gotham.

The evergreen Batman will be showing up in his latest Rocksteady outing, Batman: Arkham Knight, from 2 June 2015. Originally scheduled for a late 2014, the title was pushed into next year for some extra development time. There were rumours of an early 2015 release, but it turns out to be slightly later than that.

Warner Bros. says the worldwide release will “begin” on 2 June, which kind of suggests that Tuesday will be the US release and other countries will follow. Batman’s going to be getting awfully sweaty in that rubber suit of his.

The publisher has also announced details of some slightly confusing Batman: Arkham Knight limited and ‘Batmobile’ editions. I say confusing, because the press release implies that the PC will only get the limited edition. But the PR mock-up images of the special editions include a Batmobile one labelled as PC. Here’s precisely what the press release says:

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition and Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition.  Both will be available in limited quantities at launch in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One.  Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition will also be available in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for PC.

To me, that says the PC is only getting the limited edition and only in certain countries, right? And yet this image exists:

batman arkham knight batmobile edition

So basically it’s a bit of a mystery whether you’ll be able to get a version containing the art book, bonus comics and all that on PC in all countries. Maybe world’s greatest detective Batman can help solve this puzzle.

Peter Parrish

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