Battlefield 2042 Map Rework Kaleidoscope Before And After

A few months back, DICE unveiled plans to rework some maps in Battlefield 2042 in order to to make maps easier to traverse for infantry. The Swedish developer has now posted a follow-up blog showcasing exactly what players can expect. We also have confirmation that the Hazard Zone game mode in Battlefield 2042 will no longer receive updates.

The maps in Battlefield 2042 have been criticized for being too open and favoring vehicle combat. Given Battlefield‘s historically strong infantry gameplay, this change was not well received by the community. DICE intends to fix this by making the existing maps more compact and adding more cover.


Kaleidoscope is the first Battlefield 2042 map to receive a rework. This rework will be playable once Season 1 is released next month. Kaleidoscope’s outdoor areas are currently open and flat, but this update will see a lot of cover introduced to improve the infantry experience. Following Kaleidoscope is Renewal’s rework, which will release sometime after Season 1. This rework looks to be even more substantial, with entire areas of the map being removed.

As for Hazard Zone, the Battlefield 2042 developers have opted to drop support for it. In the blog, DICE admits that the mode “hasn’t found the right home” in Battlefield and would have been more appropriate elsewhere. The battle royale-like game mode will still be playable, but there are no plans to update it moving forward.

Specialists rework

Another contentious issue with Battlefield 2042 is the specialists. They were introduced as replacements for the traditional class system, and a lot of players did not approve of the change. DICE doesn’t commit to anything in this post, but it does acknowledge that they don’t fit into the game perfectly. Specific details as to what a specialist rework will look like are not provided, but changes to the unpopular system are planned.

Battlefield 2042 Roadmap

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 roadmap.

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