Last week Stunlock Studios announced they were adding a battle royale mode to their Arena brawler Battlerite called Battlerite Royale. Today we have more details of what to expect.

    Players will start a game by exploring the map and their Champions will have no abilities. Abilities, consumables, and equipment will have to be discovered while out exploring. Once geared-up, players will fight each other, take them out and steal their loot. Last man standing wins. The game is 20 players max as either solo or duo on a large map that is around 30 times bigger than the standard maps.

    Battlerite Battle Royale

    “In a way, Battlerite already offered a number of core Battle Royale elements, such as elimination and the ‘Death Vortex’. Scaling up this experience was something that came to us quite naturally,” said Peter Ilves, Game Director at Stunlock Studios. “We wanted to stay true to Battlerite’s action-packed gameplay while giving our players a fresh experience beyond the arena, with the added perk of exploration.”

    Battlerite Battle Royale 2

    It’s simply typical battle royale which will no doubt go down well with the game’s current player base. Stunlock will be hoping that the popularity of battle royale will entice new players to join their community but whether it will work in a game like Battlerite remains to be seen.

    Battlerite Battle Royale 3

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