Battlerite Royale new shots and info released

Battlerite Royale new shots and info released

Stunlock Studios has released some new screens and information on the Battlerite battle royale mode that’s due for in the not too distant future.

In the update, they explain that a separate team will be working on balancing the battle royale mode based on the items and consumables. A Champions kit will need to be scavenged and it will be possible to win a game even if a Champion doesn;t have its full kit.

Battlerites can also be found and players will receive an additional random Battlerite for their Champion. This means players could have more than the usual five at their disposal.

In the battle royale mode, players also have 50% less health than in the arena mode which means finding items will be essential to boost a Champion.

More information will be released soon and according to Stunlock everything is still subject to change. For now, just enjoy the new shots.


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