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Top 50 Best Animated Wallpapers

You can never have too many wallpapers.

Wallpapers are essentially an extension of someone’s personality. Whether you decide to show off your favorite anime, or simply have a silly little cat on your screen. We’re going to take you down a list and show you the top 50 best animated wallpapers.

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Top 50 Best Animated Wallpapers

A few things to note before starting our lists. First, all of the animated wallpapers you see here are available on arguably the best place to get any of them, Wallpaper Engine. Wallpaper Engine is your one-stop shop for everything wallpapers, no matter if you’re a user or creator. Personally, I’ve logged over 200 hours using Wallpaper Engine, solely for the joy of rotating wallpapers every single day.

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Lastly, links will be provided for every wallpaper you see here today by clicking on the name of the author, so don’t worry about not being able to find one once you see it. We’ll be showing off 5 lists, compiled of 10 of the best wallpapers in each category. With all of that out of the way, let’s start off in the most popular category on the app, anime.

Top 10 Best Anime Wallpapers

While you can’t see exactly what each wallpaper is like in motion, each of these in some way provides that extra little flair of animation. I tried spreading the choices around from anime shows and movies new and old, to ones that just have that overall vibe. And there’s lots more to be found by those who want something specific that isn’t shown here. But for what these wallpapers offer, these are some of the best anime wallpapers you’ll find out there.

Top 10 Best Game Wallpapers

Our next list compiles the top 10 best gaming animated wallpapers. Some of these provide you with a look at some gaming consoles and the iconic games released with them. While others are an artistic love letter to their favorite games.

Some, such as the Persona 5 and calendar, allow you to track the audio that is currently playing, as well as the date and time. What’s more, the Persona 5 wallpaper can track your real-time, changing the time of day within the wallpaper to match. But if you’re looking for more calming wallpapers, you’ll want to take a look at our next list.

Top 10 Best Relaxing Wallpapers

The top 10 best relaxing wallpapers are going to be a bit more subjective than the rest of these lists. This is because people find different things relaxing. So I tried to cast a wide net and select wallpapers that would be amenable to most parties.

However, I’m partial to ones that either give you a sense of comfort or safety, or ones like the DVD idle screen that just scratches that itch. No matter your preference, you’ll feel the anxiety slip away with one look at the largest and cutest cat you’ve ever seen.

Top 10 Best Meme Wallpapers

Now, here’s a list that can change in a day or two no matter what anyone does. Because while these are the top 10 best meme wallpapers I found, a new meme could pop up tomorrow and take the world by store. The volatility of the medium is both a blessing and a curse because those that do stand the test of time are pure gold. And for some of these, that sentiment is exactly why I put them here. Maxwell will forever be a staple in my life, and it was great to find a wallpaper of a silly little duck waddling to the beat of the music.

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Top 10 Best Cyberpunk Wallpapers

Finally, we have our list of the top 10 best cyberpunk wallpapers. I tried hard not to include only Cyberpunk 2077 wallpapers, since it has had a dominating year for cyberpunk aesthetics. Furthermore, these wallpapers have some of the best animations out of any wallpapers in this article. This is primarily because the cyberpunk look is very colorful, with lots of strobing and breathing lights. If you’re a fan of pixel art or want your cyberpunk to be more dystopian, we’ve got just the wallpapers for you.

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