Best Baldur’s Gate 3 multiclass builds, ranked (BG3)

Two classes are better than one.
Baldur's Gate 3 Best Classes
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In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can multiclass to create some of the best builds in the game. We’ll go over the best Baldur’s Gate 3 multiclass builds in this ranked list.

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There are currently 12 classes and 46 subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3. I’m really bad at math, but I’m pretty sure the total amount of multiclass builds you can make in BG3 is around 10,000… that’s not accurate, but needless to say, there are a lot of potential multiclass options.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Best multiclass builds, ranked

  1. Any class/Warlock
  2. Rogue/Monk or Rogue/Ranger
  3. Sorcerer/Bard
  4. Wizard/Cleric
  5. Barbarian/Paladin
  6. Barbarian/Druid
  7. Bard/Rogue
  8. Sorcerer/Wizard
  9. Rogue/Fighter
  10. Paladin/Cleric
Best Baldur's Gate 3 multiclass builds, ranked (BG3)
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Truthfully, there aren’t many terrible multiclass builds in Baldur’s Gate 3 — every multiclass build is fairly successful. The guidelines you need to follow to not make a terrible multiclass build is short: don’t multiclass with more than two classes (generally) and don’t multiclass two polar opposite playstyles like a stealthy Rogue and an aggressive Barbarian.

Note: The first class listed should be your main class, while the second class is the multiclass one. The level at which you multiclass into your secondary class should be around four or five, but I was a level one Bard when I multiclassed into a Sorcerer because I knew what I wanted. From there, you can decide if you want more levels in your main class or determine if you’ve reached a ceiling with your main and want to go all in on your secondary.

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Top 10 multiclass builds in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked

Above, you saw a quick snapshot of the 10 best multiclass builds in BG3. Now, let’s dive into each multiclass to see how to build them and why they’re good.

Any class/Warlock

Honestly, Warlock is the best secondary class for every multiclass build. Warlocks are alright on their own, but they make for the best multiclass secondary class. They don’t have too many spells, but they get them back on short rests, and they have excellent melee potential.

So if you’re a Paladin, Sorcerer, Monk, or anything else, Warlock is a great secondary class to give you some extra possibilities in battle, whether that be with damage, debuffs, or support. Just keep in mind that a Warlock’s magic ability stems from their Charisma score, so it’s best to multiclass with Warlock if you’re running a high-Charisma class.

Rogue/Monk or Rogue/Ranger

Another great option is the full stealth build with Rogue as your main and Way of Shadow Monk or Gloom Stalker Ranger as your secondary.

The goal with this multiclass build is to be as sneaky as possible while also dealing tons of damage. The Way of Shadow Monk grants you Ki Points to do extra stealthy moves, and the Gloom Stalker Ranger subclass allows you to be more sneaky from afar. The choice is yours, but this multiclass build is great, especially because all three classes rely on Dexterity as their main ability.


Sorcerer mains are tons of fun, and in my opinion, they’re the best spellcaster class. But if you want to focus solely on support with some powerful damage abilities, a great multiclass option is to make your secondary Bard.

This multiclass build isn’t considered often by players, but it’s a great combination because they both use Charisma as their main ability. This build works best when you focus on using Sorcery Points and Metamagic to make your Bard spells go even further.


A similar multiclass build to Sorcerer and Bard is Wizard and Cleric. The same thinking applies with this build, except with Wizard as your main, you’ll have a lot more room for damage spells. To become even more well-rounded, make Cleric your secondary class and gain lots of support spells to help your team from the back.


The Barbarian and Paladin build is worth pointing out. Both Barbarians and Paladins are known for sticking to the front lines, dealing high damage, and taking high damage.

With Barbarian as your main, you’ll build an unstoppable tank that can take and give lots of damage. Once you reach level five, multiclass Paladin as your secondary to gain even more ways to heal yourself and punish your enemies. You’ll get a lot more survivability with the Barbarian/Paladin multiclass compared to any other multiclass.


For the ultimate tank multiclass build, go with Barbarian and Druid. Barbarians are already massive tank characters known for dishing out and taking high damage.

However, if you multiclass with Druid as your secondary, you’ll get Wild Shape which allows you to shape-shift whenever you get low on health. This acts as a major second wind to help you keep fighting and dealing major damage.


If you want to make your Bard even more stealthy and sneaky, multiclassing with Rogue is a great option. Bards rely on their Charisma, while Rogues focus on Dexterity as their main ability. Combine these two for a charismatic and dexterous build.

With Rogue, Bards can offer more utility to their team besides just support. They can pick locks better and sneak behind enemy lines to deal high stealth damage. But who doesn’t love a nice Bardic Inspiration once in a while?


If you’re looking for the ultimate spellcaster, go with the Sorcerer and Wizard multiclass build. With the Sorcerer and Wizard multiclass, you’ll stay in the back and deliver devastating damage in multiple ways since you have Sorcery Points, Metamagic, and Arcane Recovery.

While Warlocks are powerful, Sorcerers and Wizards just have so many spells at their disposal which can be extremely fun. Just be mindful that Sorcerer’s magic relies on Charisma, while you need to buff your Intelligence to be a good Wizard.


If you love being a Rogue but want to be able to do more when you can’t hide in the shadows, Rogue and Fighter make a great multiclass. Since Fighters can be Dexterity-based, this would be a perfect multiclass when adding onto Rogues.

The Rogue and Fighter multiclass has a lot of options thanks to the diverse subclasses of both. Mix and match to find your perfect Rogue/Fighter multiclass. You’ll be unstoppable on the field with your finessed footwork and heavy hits.


Last on the list is Paladin and Cleric. These classes are extremely similar, but Paladins deal and take more damage while Clerics do more support. It may be difficult to get high Wisdom for your Cleric, while also having decent Strength and Charisma for your Paladin abilities. Nevertheless, it’s still a very promising multiclass.

With the Paladin and Cleric multiclass, you become a strong and reliable support character with combat viability. You can lean into the support or choose to be more of a tank. Both classes are great supports, so becoming this multiclass will surely keep your party alive.

Like I said, there are hundreds of great multiclass builds in Baldur’s Gate 3. Be sure to check out our list of best classes, subclasses, and races to help you pick what multiclass build is best for you.

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