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Best base locations and building tips in Nightingale

Home sweet home.

When choosing where to place your Estate Cairn, you’ll be able to create your first safe haven. We’ll give you some tips for the best base locations and building tips in Nightingale.

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There are some important things to note when choosing where to place your base, and how to build it properly. Here are some base-building tips.

Nightingale: Best base building tips and locations

After you’ve decided on the best biome to start with, you need to place your Estate Cairn. Although you may think to place it wherever looks nice, you should take certain things into account. First off, I highly recommend that you build your base near your Essence Trader.

Best base locations and building tips in Nightingale
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In your Abeyance Realm, there will be an Essence Trader somewhere on the map. Since you’ll be going there often to purchase some of the most important beginner’s items, place your Estate Cairn near the Essence Trader. I made the mistake of not doing this, leading me to take long treks to visit them when needed.

You’ll also want to be close enough to essential resources like Wood, Fiber, and Stone. This will allow you to easily get resources for building your base and crafting items and structures. If you can find a place somewhere near the center of the map, this will give you less travel time between important locations.

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Base build tips and tricks

Best base locations and building tips in Nightingale
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Now that you’ve discovered a good place to put your base, what about the build itself? When choosing which type of structures to place and how to place them, here are some of my tips:

  • Prioritize stone structures: Whether you’re placing down foundations or walls, you should try to always go for stone. It’s more durable, and stone is a bit easier to harvest as you only have to hit a rock once with a pick to break it.
  • Give yourself space: Don’t be afraid to make your base big enough to house all of your workstations. Although you may think you only need a 2×2 house, this will quickly get cramped as you start to unlock more work benches and other structures.
  • Storage categorization: Don’t shy away from creating multiple storage chests. Although you may think you only need a few to throw all your items in, you can easily categorize your chests by renaming them. Look at more options on your chest by holding “E” and then select the “Rename” option. You’ll be able to see the name of your chest just with a glance, so you can separate your item types.
  • Don’t build right by trees: Although you should be close enough to trees for harvesting, try to avoid building your base right amid a forest. I’ve already once or twice cut down a tree thinking it’ll fall where I want, realizing it’s about to fall right on my base. This can damage and destroy your structures, which nobody wants.
  • Use build mode: By pressing “X”, you can use Build mode, which is incredibly helpful to use. You can copy structure blueprints instead of having to grab them inside your menu. This also allows you to move buildings and structures without needing to destroy and rebuild them (you can move chests with items inside too).

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