Best Biome To Start With In Nightingale
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Best biome to start with in Nightingale

No place like home.

Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll be asked to choose a biome to make your first home in. But which is the best biome to start with in Nightingale?

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The current biomes offered all have their strengths, weaknesses, and dangers. Let’s discuss which is the best for you.

Nightingale: Best starter biome

There are three biomes to choose from at the start of your journey: Forest, Desert, and Swamp. Overall, I think the Forest biome is the best one to start with in Nightingale, but it’s really up to you. Let’s go over what’s good and bad about each biome.

Best Biome To Start With In Nightingale Forest
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Forest biome

The Forest biome contains luscious clusters of tall trees, grassy meadows, and rocky mountains. If you don’t like the idea of terrain with hills and rocks, you may not like the Forest biome. But it’s certainly the safest biome to start with.

Resources are abundant here, such as Wood, Fibre, Stone, and the like. There aren’t many difficult creatures either. You’ll find your familiar deer and wolves here, which provide you with good meat. The Forest biome is a well-rounded biome that I highly recommend you start with.

There are certain environmental dangers in the Forest biome, such as hailstorms. You’ll be hurt by these storms pretty badly if you don’t seek shelter. Otherwise, the Forest biome is a great pick.

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Best Biome To Start With In Nightingale Desert
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Desert biome

As soon as you step into the Desert biome you’ll notice just how dangerous it can be. Standing in the sun will make you overheat, so you’ll constantly need to find ways to shield yourself from it. This makes the Desert biome less likely to be a good choice for a starter biome.

The Desert can be also quite expansive, with quite a lot of open space, yet barely any areas for shelter from the sun. But this open space is great for creating a large, evenly-grounded shelter. I did find it difficult to find certain resources here like Wood and Fibre.

One other nice thing about the Desert is the lack of hostile creatures. While walking around the tutorial Realm, I was scared to go up to the long-legged tree creature, but it turned out to be passive. You’ll struggle to find enemies here, which may be a plus for you.

Best Biome To Start With In Nightingale Swamp
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Swamp biome

There are a lot of dangers within the Swamp biome, which may deter you from building a base here. The one huge danger here is the nasty swamp water that’ll make you diseased if you wade around in it for too long.

On the bright side, this dangerous liquid can provide good protection for you if you build your base near it. Otherwise, there’s an annoying aggressive creature that looks like a reptilian kangaroo and likes to jump and attack you.

The Swamp biome looks a lot like the Forest biome with its dense forests, but it differs with its large bogs and murky aesthetic. The Swamp is overall pretty tame for a biome if you avoid going swimming.

With that out of the way, you may be wondering about the mysterious Vaults in Nightingale that you can explore and complete.

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