Best budget loadouts in Escape From Tarkov Patch 13.5
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Best budget loadouts in Escape From Tarkov Patch 13.5

Do you know the Mosin Man?

Escape From Tarkov offers arguably the best gun customization out of every shooting game on the planet. It’s a bold claim, but few other titles can boast the sheer amount of weapons, ammunition, and attachments. Considering this, loadouts are pretty restrictive if you’re on a budget. It’s even worse if you only have Level 1 Traders and the best budget weapons change every Wipe. But fear not; if you’re just starting out, let me show you the best budget loadouts in Escape From Tarkov Patch 13.5.

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Best budget loadouts in Escape From Tarkov Patch 13.5

Depending on who you ask, the definition of a budget loadout can vary massively. Just so we’re all on the same page for this guide, a budget loadout costs under 50,000 Rubles and can be purchased from Traders at Loyalty Level one. These are in no particular order, but there are a variety of playstyles to try out.


The PP19 is available from Prapor for the bargain value of 21,545 Rubles and is fully moddable for cheap. The recoil is bearable even without mods, but I like to use the Axion Kobra dovetail mount. This allows me to add a sight to the weapon and a laser.

The only issue with this choice is many players have figured out how good it is already. Traders in Escape From Tarkov have a limited stock, so expect to see the PP19 occasionally become unavailable.

Best budget loadouts in Escape From Tarkov Patch 13.5

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The SKS from Prapor used to be the absolute best weapon for early wipe engagements, thanks to the ammunition it can use and how dirt cheap it is. Coming in at a meager 21,810 Rubles, The SKS doesn’t use attachments and can be hand-fed ammunition, so you don’t need a magazine. That said, you can use a 20 Round Mag from Peacekeeper for $64. The new 7.62×39 FMJ ammo is fine for early Wipe, but if you can steal some 7.62×39 PS off a dead Scav, it’s the far superior choice. 

The sights will take time to get used to, but the SKS is a workhorse you’d be wise not to underestimate.


I have a love/hate relationship with this gun, as I can’t hit anything with it, but it throws a ridiculous amount of bullets down range. The PPSH suffers from insane muzzle flash and brutal recoil, but it’s impossible to jam. If you’re after a proper bullet hose, you can even buy 72-round Drum Mags for the PPSH from Prapor Level 1. It’s not an elegant weapon, but it’s not supposed to be. 

If you’re all about that ‘spray and pray’ lifestyle, the PPSH-41 will serve you well. Not bad for the low 26,599 Ruble buy-in.

PP91 Kedr

The PP91 Kedr is another popular budget weapon and for good reason. If you can’t go for the head, the PP91 is perfect for leg shots. Attacking limbs is known by the community as ‘leg meta.’ and the PP91 is fantastic at it, thanks to its immense fire rate. 9×19 rounds aren’t known for their damage, but if you’re firing so many at once, it doesn’t matter.

Recently, damage numbers were tweaked by Battlestate Games to make limb damage less effective. Usually, it takes 2-3 more shots to kill than before, but is that really a problem when the PP91 fires at 900RPM? I’ll let you try it for yourself.


The Mosin may be cheap with a slow rate of fire, but with a skilled hand, it’s devastating.

The Mosin got nerfed this Wipe as our previous ammo of choice, LPS, is now only available from Level 2 Traders. Still, the new 7.62×54 R FMJ is a decent backup. It goes clean through Class 3 Armor and has a chance to go through Class 4 as well. We can use several other new Ammo Types with the Mosin, but 7.62×54 R FMJ has the highest penetration rating. That’s usually more valuable.

There’s more than enough here to get you started, but if I had to pick one, the PP19 is phenomenal. Shotguns are ok but inconsistent hence I’ve not included them on this list. If you can get your hands on an MP-155 Shotgun, you’re laughing. If you’re a new player and are struggling to wrap your head around Escape From Tarkov‘s numerous mechanics, check out our guide on Scav Karma.


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