Best build & team comps for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail

Huohuo Best Build [4]
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Huohuo is Honkai: Star Rail’s next Abundance character and is another stellar healer added to the roster. To increase her healing and supporting capabilities, follow our guide for the best build and team comps for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Best build for Huohuo

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Huohuo is a Wind Abundance character in Honkai: Star Rail. As a character who belongs to the Abundance Path, Huohuo is another excellent healer to defend your team against the game’s most challenging content. She is constantly scared of everything around her, so while you might feel guilty bringing her into some life-threatening battles, she’s dedicated to keeping your units alive. Not only that, but Huohuo can also buff your teammates as well.

Huohuo’s Skill allows her to heal up to three allies in a blast AoE, healing the ally in the center for the most HP while also cleansing any debuffs from them. This will also trigger a passive that heals your allies over time for two turns. This heal will also cleanse debuffs from your allies. Finally, her Ultimate provides her entire team some energy regeneration (like Tingyun) and also boosts your allies’ Attack. As you can see, Huohuo’s kit is quite loaded, but how can we make sure her heals are the best they can be?

Best Light Cones for Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail

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Huohuo’s healing, like most of the healing in this game, scales off of her max HP. Therefore, we want to look for Light Cones that can boost this stat to ensure her healing is the highest it can be. Her healing is not as reliable or carefree as Luocha’s, so her builds require a bit more care.

  • Hey, Over Here!: This is a free-to-play Light Cone available from Honkai Star Rail’s featured Version 1.5 event. This Light Cone is an excellent free-to-play option for Huohuo and is what most players will probably be using. This Light Cone boosts the wearer’s max HP by 953, with a passive that buffs the wearer’s max HP by an additional 12% at max superimposition. This weapon also boosts the wearer’s outgoing healing by 28% after using their Skill.
    • Note: Because this Light Cone’s passive boosts her healing after using her skill (which only lasts for 2 turns), this passive effect will realistically only boost Huohuo’s passive healing, rather than her Skill healing.
  • Night of Fright: This is a 5-star Light Cone and is Huohou’s signature Light Cone. With 5-star scaling, this will boost Huohuo’s HP by 1164 at max level. It also boosts her Energy Regeneration Rate by 12%. The most enticing part of this Light Cone’s passive is the ability to heal whenever an ally uses their Ultimate. Whenever an ally casts their Ultimate, Huohuo will heal this ally by 10% of their max HP and also buff their ally’s ATK by 2.4%, up to five times per ally.
    • Because of how expensive 5-star Light Cones can be, we do not recommend pulling for this Light Cone unless you have spare Stellar Jades, as her healing will be sufficient with other alternatives. However, in terms of optimal building, this is her best-in-slot.
  • Quid Pro Quo: Quid Pro Quo is an interesting Light Cone option that will regenerate 8 Energy for a random ally at the start of Huohuo’s turn. When paired with Tingyun, you can have three constant sources of energy regeneration, which can help your allies use their Ultimates much faster.
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights: Finally, the Warmth Shortens Cold Nights is her best 4-star option in terms of pure healing. It will boost her HP by 1058, and the passive will buff her max HP by up to 32%. It will also restore allies” HP whenever Huohou uses a Skill.

Best Relics for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail

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Here are the best Relics and Planar Ornament sets for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Passerby of Wandering Cloud: This is easily Huohuo’s best relic set, and it’s not recommended to use any other set in the game if possible. This will boost Huohou’s outgoing healing by 10%, and will also generate one Skill Point at the start of every battle. An extra skill point is incredibly useful in any situation, so we highly recommend using this relic set!
  • For her Planar Ornament sets, there are tons of viable support options based on what you need at a given moment:
    • The Broken Keel set will increase your allies’ Crit DMG by 10% if Huohou’s Effect RES is higher than 30%. If no one else on your team is wearing this set, you might want to consider this one.
    • The Fleet of the Ageless set will likely be Huohuo’s most used set. It boosts her max HP by 12% and her allies’ ATK by 8% if her SPD is higher than 120. This will boost her healing and buff her allies, making this her best option.
    • The Penacony, Land of Dreams set is a viable option if you are pairing Huohuo with another Wind DPS character. It increases Huohuo’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 5%, and any other Wind character’s DMG by 10%.

Honkai: Star Rail – Best team comps for Huohuo

Huohou is not as skill point generous as some other defensive units in the game that were recently released, such as Luocha and Fu Xuan. If you’re like me who got used to infinite skill point generation with these characters, then crafting a team for Huohuo might be a bit tricky. Generally, we’ll want to pair her with DPS characters who do not consume that many skill points.

Mono Wind Blade: Blade / Huohuo / Bronya / support of your choice

Huohuo Best Build [2]
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This composition benefits from Blade’s low-skill point consumption. Blade is a powerful DPS character that consumes very few skill points, allowing Huohuo to get more heals off. As Huohuo is skill point neutral (she doesn’t generate nor spend many skill points) and Bronya can be a bit skill point hungry while buffing Blade, we do recommend using a skill point positive support character for your last slot.

This might consist of characters like Tingyun, Pela, or Silver Wolf.

Jing Yuan Lightning Lord spam: Jing Yuan / Tingyun / Huohuo / support of your choice

Huohuo Best Build [1]
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The concept for this team is to ensure Jing Yuan gets to cast his Ultimate very frequently. If you combine Tingyun and Huohuo’s manual energy regeneration, Jing Yuan will get to cast his Ultimate more and obtain more stacks for his Lightning Lord follow-up attack. Huohuo can also cleanse Jing Yuan in a pinch, which is one of his biggest weaknesses as this prevents his ultimate follow-up attack.

Your final support slot can go to an additional buffer, debuffer, or someone like Topaz & Numby who can buff Jing Yuan’s follow-up attacks.

Jingliu hypercarry: Jingliu / Huohuo / Yukong / Pela

Huohuo Best Build [3]
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Huohuo is a great choice to heal a Jingliu team. Jingliu drains the HP of her allies, and as Huohuo will be stacking max HP, Huohuo will survive and heal through Jingliu’s HP drain. The last two slots are flexible, just be sure to slot some buffers or debuffers.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC and PS5.

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