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Best Cleric subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked (BG3)

Restore your faith in a full HP meter.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, most classes have a choice of three subclasses they can use to specialize. Clerics are the exception; here are the seven Cleric subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3 ranked from best to worst.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Cleric subclasses, ranked

You get to choose your Cleric subclass (known as a “Domain”) right from the start. In general, the Cleric is a healer and focuses more on defensive skills, though you can find some subclasses that turn their eye toward offensive capabilities (especially as they develop throughout the campaign). Whatever you decide, make sure to select the Cleric subclass that complements your favored approach.

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1. Life Domain

In my opinion, the best Clerics focus on support. The Cleric subclass that does this best is the Life Domain. At level one, you get Disciple of Life which makes your healing spells restore more health points. At level five, you learn Revivify which is useful to reduce save scumming.

This subclass ensures you have a Cleric in its purest form. Thanks to the Disciple of Life ability, your healing magic gains additional proficiency the higher your character level. The Cure Wounds spell you already possess improves, plus you gain Heavy Armour Proficiency.

That keeps you around to provide healing for longer without suffering a disadvantage while attacking. At higher levels, your healing magic continues to improve and you learn Revivify to assist those who have fallen in battle.

2. War Domain

The second best Cleric subclass is the War Domain because of how strength-forward it is. You’ll be playing a lot more offensively with War Domain thanks to Heavy Armor Proficiency, War Priest which allows you to hit again, and Guided Strike which permanently adds plus 10 to your Attack Roll. Needless to say, War Domain is very strong.

As one of several subclasses that provide Heavy Armour Proficiency, this one stands apart from the others by also adding Martial Weapon Proficiency. The useful War Priest ability lets you land an extra attack in exchange for a charge, and you can use Divine Favor to enhance your weapons.

You are an adversary to the unrighteous, unafraid to wade into the thick of battle. If you want a purely offensive Cleric, this is your most straightforward option. It just may not have as many relevant options against some foes compared to the Tempest subclass.

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3. Tempest Domain

Take the Tempest Domain if you want to be an offensive Cleric. I personally love the Tempest Domain as it helps you roleplay as a storm summoner with amazing spells like Call Lightning and Sleet Storm, both of which unlock at level five.

There’s a storm on the battlefield when you choose this subclass. Wrath of the Storm provides lightning damage, and the powerful Thunderwave spell has a similar effect. Meanwhile, Fog Cloud puts foes at a disadvantage if your party members want to take a stealthy approach.

Besides all of that, you enjoy Martial Weapon Proficiency and Heavy Armour Proficiency, which allows you to remain a threat to your enemies long after weaker party members fall. As offensive subclasses go, this one gives you the most versatility.

4. Light Domain

Light Domain is the stereotypical Cleric subclass that focuses on dispelling darkness. Since Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game with a lot of darkness, meaning many enemies are weak to Radiant damage, Light Domain is a good choice.

Despite losing proficiency with heavier armor, this class attempts to make up for it with powerful spells centered around light and fire. Stealthier foes will have a harder time managing sneak attacks from the shadows, thanks to Daylight, a spell learned at level five. Radiance of the Dawn allows the Cleric to attack with holy light and deal Radiant damage, nearly from the start. It all fits the spirit of being a Cleric, and there are definite advantages to the approach, but it’s not hugely useful compared to some superior options.

5. Knowledge Domain

Knowledge Domain allows you to control your enemies from a distance. If you want to play a Cleric that buffs your allies but debuffs enemies in equal measure, Knowledge Domain is the way to go.

This subclass enhances the power of the Command spell and adds the Sleep spell. Those are both useful spells. At level two, it adds Knowledge of the Ages, which ensures proficiency in a variety of skills. Essentially, the subclass works best when controlling the minds of adversaries and sowing confusion and fear on the battlefield.

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Best Knowledge Domain Cleric Build In Baldurs Gate 3
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6. Nature Domain

Nature Domain isn’t too strong because it takes the worst things from the Druid class. There are some interesting spells to enjoy, like Barksin and Grasping Vine, but by and large, Nature Domain is disappointing.

This subclass still provides Heavy Armour Proficiency, but much of the focus is on abilities you would associate with the Druid class. You even gain the Speak with Animals and Animal Friendship spells. Also, the Acolyte of Nature ability lets you learn a Druid cantrip right from the start, to go along with the powerful Shillelagh cantrip. At higher levels, you can attack with ice and locusts, a development your foes are unlikely to welcome. These are nice perks, but not as broadly useful as super effective healing magic.

7. Trickery Domain

The main reason why Trickster Domain is the least-best Cleric subclass is it tries to do what Rogues already do well. There are some fun spells including Mirror Image and Cloak of Shadows, but every other subclass is stronger.

As one of three subclasses without Heavy Armor Proficiency, this one makes up for it with Blessing of the Trickster. The action adds stealth capabilities to another party member. Additionally, the Charm Person and Disguise Self spells add depth to a Cleric that has gone Rogue. Since there are already other classes (including the Rogue itself) that handle that side of things, a Trickery approach feels like a bit of a waste when the Cleric has so many other options at its disposal.

We’ve ranked the subclasses above, but any Cleric subclass provides a reason to give it a try. Choose the subclass that best suits your style of play. And if you change your mind, check our guide on how to respec your characters with a little help from Withers.

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