10 best dice mods in Baldur’s Gate 3

Can't get enough dice.
10 Best Dice Mods In Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot: NexusMods (Anec, Sir William Snugglepuff, JohnZyxx)

Any Dungeons & Dragons fan knows how addicting collecting dice is. In Baldur’s Gate 3 you can do the same with mods, so here’s a list of the 10 best dice mods!

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From simple color swatches to fantastic 3D designs, modders have pushed the limit of what is possible with real dice. Here are some incredible dice you should add to your game.

Baldur’s Gate 3: 10 best dice mods

Dice Set Expansion
Image: Koriik on NexusMods

Dice Set Expansion

I’ve put this first just because I think it’s the basic dice set that everyone should at least have. Dice Set Expansion comes with an extensive 14 dice skins that are mostly basic recolors.

What stands out most are the unique sets, like Eldathyn Green with a green base and purple shadows. Then there’s Myrkulyte Mariner that’s a deep blue with hints of orange.

10 Best Dice Mods In Baldur's Gate 3 Cute
Image: MentalHygiene on NexusMods

Cute Dice Collection

Sometimes you just want things to look cute, and this is exactly the mod for that. Cute Dice Collection adds 10 adorable and unique dice colors. Some even look like resin dice that are slightly see-through.

They all come in nice soft tones, like mint green, lilac, and soft pink. But my favorites are the ones that look like the resin crystal dice, especially Rose Crown with the golden trim.

10 Best Dice Mods In Baldur's Gate 3 Infernal
Image: SeanConnerX0 on NexusMods

Infernal Dice Set

If you want dice to look like you picked them up in Avernus, I’d go for the Infernal Dice Set. Although it only comes with one type, I think it’s still worth downloading.

This Infernal dice is mostly charcoal black but with fiery flames on the inside. Some sides even look like lava. Touch this dice if you dare.

Diamond Dice
Image: Anec on NexusMods

Diamond Dice

Here’s another single-dice mod. This is simply the Diamond Dice mod that gives you a dice that looks like it was carved out of a diamond.

The sides shine with a rainbow iridescent glow, and the rest has that silver/grey look of a diamond. Roll this diamond dice for your most special rolls.

Astral Sea
Image: JohnZyxx on NexusMods

Astral Sea Dice Set

Do you want a dice set that reminds you of the galaxy and the stars? The Astral Sea Dice Set will do the trick, and offers a whopping 20 dice colors.

Each dice has a unique galaxy print in colors like purple, blue, and even hints of peach and orange. It seems to be a reskin, so you may only be able to use one at a time.

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10 Best Dice Mods In Baldur's Gate 3 Dark Urge
Image: Proxeuz on NexusMods

Dark Urge Dice

This is a perfect dice skin for your Dark Urge run. The Dark Urge Dice looks like a unique D20 with circular corners and a 3D look to it.

It’s a rusty color, but the best of all is the fact that the 20 side is a skull with glowing orange eye sockets. There’s also an alternate version with the skull for a natural one.

10 Best Dice Mods In Baldur's Gate 3 Peculiar
Image: dimetequiero on NexusMods

Peculiar Dices Collection

The Peculiar Dices Collection truly is strange and eccentric. This includes some of the wackiest dice I’ve seen, containing 12 interesting choices.

You have a wooden dice covered in vines, another steampunk-y one covered in cogs and gears, and a few with glowing coils surrounding them. While these are very strange, they’re probably the coolest dice mod yet.

Golden Death
Image: RubenLime on NexusMods

Golden Death Dice

Just a singular dice, but beautiful nonetheless, this Golden Death Dice is a black and gold 3D dice. I honestly think the 3D ones look the most realistic.

If you look closely, the black base still has golden specks in it, while it has a golden trim and numbers. Also, the natural one side is a skull, and the 20 has an intricate golden design as well.

Mystral Magic
Image: Moonlilia on NexusMods

Mystral Magic

Resembling the Weave of magic, this Mystral Magic dice is gorgeous and almost impossible-looking. It doesn’t look like a solid dice, but instead a watery, shiny sphere with 20 sides.

It’s purple with swirls of blue and pink, and is even slightly transparent. Like some others, it’s 3D and is a perfect fit for your spellcaster.

Themed Dice
Image: Sir William Snugglepuff on NexusMods

Themed Dice Skins

Last but not least, we have the Themed Dice Skins mod. It’s another 3D set of skins themed after some of the classes, while others are random like a Lava one or a Barbie-themed dice.

Each dice is 3D and has a distinctive look to them. The Lava one truly looks like lava is simmering below the surface, and the Druid one has grass beneath a wooden frame.

Now that you’ve downloaded some amazing dice mods, you should check out our list of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 class mods!

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