Best Farming Routes For Trishiraite In Genshin Impact
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Best farming routes for Trishiraite in Genshin Impact

A vermilion gem.

Trishiraite is a type of ore you can find in Genshin Impact to use as an ascension material, but what are the best farming routes? If you’re looking to ascend Sethos, you’ll need a lot of this material.

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Genshin Impact: Best Trishiraite farming routes

Trishiraite appears throughout the deserts of Sumeru, specifically around the Realm of Farakhkert and Gavireh Lajavard. It’s a required ascension material for Sethos, the 4-Star Electro Bow character. You’ll need a whopping 168 Trishiraite to fully ascend Sethos, so let’s start farming!

Best Farming Routes For Trishiraite In Genshin Impact Hills Of Barsom Swamp
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Asipattravana Swamp / Hills of Barsom

Near the Asipattravana Swamp and the Hills of Barsom are quite a few ore deposits for Trishiraite. These spots are a little complicated just because only the five Trishiraite in the middle image are available in the overworld between these two locations.

On the left, you can find five more Trishiraite in Madinat al-Nuhas, which is underground between Asipattravana Swamp and the Samudra Coast. Although it’s only two ore spots, you can find two Trishiraite underground in the Hills of Barsom tunnel.

Northeast Cavern
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Valley of Dahri

As you can tell, most Trishiraite is hidden underground, and this place specifically is the northeast cavern of the Valley of Dahri. This area is just northwest of Tinigi Hollow, right underneath the southern part of the Samudra Coast.

Here, you’ll find 12 Trishiraite ore veins dotted along the cavern. The entrance to the Valley of Dahri is at the Gate of Zulqarnain which is southwest of Tunigi Hollow.

Best Farming Routes For Trishiraite In Genshin Impact Hangeh Afrasiyab
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Hangeh Afrasiyab

Another good farming route for Trishiraite in Genshin Impact is also underground, this time in a place called Hangeh Afrasiyab. There are 14 Trishiraite throughout these tunnels, separated in their own small clusters.

Best Farming Routes For Trishiraite In Genshin Impact Oasis Temir Mountains
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via Teyvat interaction map)

Vourukasha Oasis / Temir Mountains

Finally, there are two other spots where you can grab a couple more Trishiraite. First off, if you head to Vourukasha Oasis, there are three Trishiraite on the western side, just on the outskirts of the oasis.

Then there are six more Trishiraite along the southern side of the Temir Mountains. You can find a few on top of the mountain, and a few down below in the chasm.

Hopefully, knowing about the best farming spots for Trishiraite in Genshin Impact can help you ascend Sethos. Meanwhile, if you pulled Clorinde instead of Sethos you should be looking out for Lumitoile.

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