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10 best Final Fantasy merchandise & gifts to check out in 2024

Plushies, art book, figures, oh my!

When it comes to giving gifts to Final Fantasy fans, there are so many good options to choose from. Or maybe you’re a collector yourself and want to treat yourself to some merch. Here are the 10 best Final Fantasy merchandise and gifts to keep an eye out for in 2024.

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10. Classic Chocobo T-Shirt

Final Fantasy Merchandise Gifts Chocobo T Shirt
Image: Redbubble

If you’re someone who’s looking for Final Fantasy clothing that is stylish but still relates to the franchise, this Classic Chocobo T-Shirt fits the bill. This shirt has an old-fashioned design with a Chocobo silhouette and the year 1988, almost resembling a cool thrifted shirt.

The good thing about Redbubble is the fact that you can choose any size, color, and shirt style to your liking. Not only that, but it doesn’t have to go on a T-shirt! This design can be printed on different types of shirts with varying sleeve lengths.

9. Final Fantasy Music Box

Final Fantasy Merchandise Gifts Music Box
Image: Amazon

Looking for something small like a keepsake that is still meaningful to Final Fantasy fans? Look no further than this tiny Final Fantasy Music Box that allows you to wind up the crank and listen to a beautiful familiar melody.

You’re not just stuck with the FF7 main theme or Aerith’s Theme; you can purchase FF8’s “Eyes on Me” and even FF10’s “To Zanarkand.” Something handmade like this would please any lover of Final Fantasy 7, 8, or 10.

8. Final Fantasy 7 Poster Collection

Ff7 Posters
Image: Crunchyroll

With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth releasing in 2024, FF7 fans are hyped more than ever for FF7 merch. This is why you should look towards getting this Final Fantasy 7 Poster Collection.

It’s relatively cheap for a total of 22 removable posters, and they look incredible. The art features iconic characters such as Sephiroth, Aerith, Cloud, and more familiar faces in pictures that look like movie posters.

7. Moogle Knitted Plush

Moogle Plush
Image: Amazon

Directly from Square Enix themselves you can purchase this adorable Moogle Knitted Plush that looks handmade with love. Knitted from soft yarn, this Moogle looks incredibly cuddleable.

Since Moogles appear in various games in the Final Fantasy series, this is a great gift for any fan, no matter how many games they’ve played in the franchise.

6. The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook

Final Fantasy Merchandise Gifts Cookbook
Image: Amazon

For any food lovers who also play Final Fantasy 14, this Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook is the perfect gift or piece of merchandise. It covers a vast amount of familiar culinary dishes from the hit MMO FF14.

Get the chance to craft over 70 recipes with step-by-step instructions for foods from all types of meals. Whether you’re looking for a small appetizer, a sweet dessert, or a hearty dinner, there are recipes for cooks of all skill levels.

5. FF DOT: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Merchandise Gifts Pixel Art
Image: Amazon

Although the newer Final Fantasy games are memorable and beloved, what about the ones that started it all? FF DOT: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy is an art book that explores the plethora of sprites and pixel art from the early Final Fantasy titles.

This is one of those perfect coffee-table books that could strike up a conversation. Not only do you get to look at the incredible pixel art of Final Fantasy, but you can read a special interview with Kazuko Shibuya, the character pixel artist for the series.

4. Chocobo Corduroy Plush

Chocobo Plush
Image: Crunchyroll

We’re not done with plushies just yet. Another amazing gift or merchandise for a fan of this series has to be this Chocobo Corduroy Plush designed after the Chocobos in FF7 Remake.

Instead of being knitted, this plush is made of soft polyester and is 5.5 inches tall. This furry friend would look perfect sitting on a shelf or a gaming desk, and maybe even on a bed with other plushies like the Moogle Knitted Plush.

3. Final Fantasy IX Vivi Chibi Figure

Final Fantasy Merchandise Gifts Vivi Figure
Image: Crunchyroll

Any fan of Final Fantasy 9 would appreciate this gorgeous Final Fantasy IX Vivi Chibi Figure. While it’s only 3.9 inches tall, this Vivi figure is made with Diecast Metal and is shinier than any figure I’ve ever owned.

This chibi figure stands out from most figures due to its iridescent shine, making it look priceless. Even looking at the details makes this look beautifully handcrafted.

2. The Art of Final Fantasy XVI

Ff16 Art
Image: Crunchyroll

2024 is still a good year for FF16 fans, as the final DLC was released this year. Celebrate your love for this game with The Art of Final Fantasy XVI, a stunning art book dedicated to the illustrations of FF16.

Not only are there fully-colored illustrations, but also concept sketches and other visuals used to create FF16. Any FF16 would appreciate this hardcover book with over 300 pages.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Figure

Final Fantasy Merchandise Gifts Cloud Figure
Image: Crunchyroll

To end off this list I must include this iconic Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife Figure. It may have a steep price, but with such a detailed model it’s worth every penny.

This figure looks like it was pulled right from the game, with Cloud’s familiar pointed streaks of hair and the heavy Buster Sword leaning on his shoulder. The attention to detail on this model is superb and a must-buy for any FF7 fan.

Hopefully, you were able to find some awesome Final Fantasy gifts and merchandise with this list. If you’re more interested in Final Fantasy 16, you’d probably like to look at these fantastical FF16 gifts.

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