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Best Genshin Impact cosplays of all time

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Since the release of Genshin Impact, we have seen hundreds of cosplays. But which one is the best among all of them?

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The anime aesthetic that Genshin Impact provides, makes it one of the top choices for cosplayers from all over the world. Till now, we have seen a lot of cosplays of our favorite Genshin Impact characters and also have been mesmerized a lot of times.

But certainly, there are few cosplays that make themselves stand out from the others due to the extraordinary effort that the artists put behind them. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best Genshin Impact cosplays of all time.

Hu Tao by Arurinh

For a person who manages funerary affairs, Hu Tao certainly looks very jolly and joyful at all times. Cosplayer Arurinh with her excellence tried to portray the cheerful nature of our favorite funeral director. Arurinh’s take on Hu Tao’s cosplay might seem very simple, but is in fact one of the most creative Genshin Impact cosplays that I have seen till now.

The intricacy and attention to detail shown in the costume is truly praiseworthy. The hair and the eye makeover add an extra layer of realism by completely resembling the look of Hu Tao that we can find in the game. As a cherry on top, the cosplayer has also shown wonderful craftsmanship by recreating Hu Tao’s hat with precision.

Wanderer by Sirojiwo

As a relatively new addition to the diverse cast of characters of Genshin Impact, the Wanderer emerged as a captivating embodiment of mystery. Being a new character, we did not get many chances to see artists doing cosplays of him. In the game, Wanderer is shown as an extremely harsh and unpleasant personality. But he still has some softness and kindness inside him, which is perfectly depicted through the cosplay done by Sirojiwo.

Sirojiwo’s artistry perfectly captured the ethereal grace and aura of Wanderer with accuracy. The artist paid amazing attention to detail which made his Wanderer cosplay a masterpiece. The cosmetics, costumes, designs, and props showed how much effort the cosplayer has put into bringing Wanderer to life.

Signora by Mirikashi

In the world of Genshin Impact, we do not often see artists trying to cosplay a notorious antagonist of the game. Most of the time, the heroes take away the spotlight. But cosplayer Mirikashi broke the mold by presenting the fans with an incredible cosplay of Signora, the eighth Fatui Harbinger. Her makeover and cosplay skills breathed life into Signora by capturing the dark and enigmatic appearance of Signora. The cosplay has also received a lot of love and praise from fans from all over the world.

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Diluc by Vyecos

Vyecos is a really well-known personality among the Genshin Impact community for his exceptional cosplays of various characters. His cosplay of Kaveh also went viral among the community a few days back due to the precision shown by the artist. However, among all of Vye’s work, my personal top pick is undoubtedly the Diluc cosplay done by him.

One of the wealthiest people of Mondstadt, Diluc, always goes around with a dapper look. This look has perfectly been recreated by Vye through his work. The level of detail and accuracy he brings to the character is truly impressive, which makes it stand out as one of the best Genshin Impact cosplays of all time as well.

Lisa by Alodia Goseingfiao

Alodia Goseingfiao’s Lisa cosplay still stands as one of the most iconic cosplays the Genshin Impact community has ever seen. The cosplayer posted a 10-minute long video on YouTube, showcasing her impeccable talent and creativity. In the YouTube video, Alodia not only shows her expertise but also provides us with a glimpse of her artistic ability.

All the costumes and accessories used in this cosplay capture Lisa’s clever persona flawlessly. Apart from the cosplay, the graphical excellence shown in the video adds an extra layer of brilliance to the overall presentation.

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Beidou by Kamui

In every year’s gamescom, cosplays stay as one of the main attractions of the event. And when it comes to cosplay, no other game can beat Genshin Impact due to the character aesthetic that this game provides. In the most recent gamescom, the community got to see an amazing cosplay of Beidou being done by Kamui.

Beidou is one of the most challenging characters to cosplay among all the 71 playable characters of Genshin Impact. But that did not seem like a problem to cosplayer Kamui as she cosplayed our favorite crew captain from Liyue, Beidou almost perfectly. Kamui nailed Beidou’s signature red outfit, but what grabbed my attention was the recreation of Beidou’s famous sword. The cosplayer showed an amazing work of craftsmanship by meticulously crafting the sword without any error.

Venti by Harutoast

In the world of Genshin Impact, Venti stands as the epitome of serenity among all the chaos. Redditor Harutoast did an amazing job of portraying the calm and gentle nature of Venti through his cosplay. In his cosplay, we can see him posing with a calm and gentle smile on his face, while playing the iconic musical instrument of Venti in his hands.

The inclusion of the musical instrument truly sets this one apart from all the other Venti cosplays that we can find online. Moreover, the graphic work done to resemble the whimsical melodies played by Venti gives the whole picture more life.

Barbara by PeachMilkyCosplay

If you have been active in the community since the early days of Genshin Impact, you simply cannot miss this gem. PeachMilkyCosplay’s take on Barbara is hands down one of the finest cosplays that the community has ever seen till now. PeachMilkyCosplay did an exemplary job of depicting Barbara with every individual detail, the costume design, and all the signature features of Barbara being exactly the same. The cosplay indeed succeeded in capturing the complete sophistication of Barbara with a sublime finesse that goes beyond just copying the character’s outfit, making it a masterpiece.

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