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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Graphics in Games this Generation (400+ Screenshots)

by Menashe

What does “best graphics” mean?

It’s so hard to award games for “best graphics” because there can be so many different criteria for what makes a game look good. Some people marvel at the technical brilliance of a particular game while others yawn, complaining that it lacks any art style. Another game may go for a specific color theme that appeals to some and turns off others. In other words, there can be many different competing factors when determining if a game looks good or not, and it all comes down to our subjective tastes.

Since we can’t label one specific game as being “the best” we decided to do a comprehensive look at the games with the best graphics of this generation. In other words, this guide will be inclusive rather than selective. If there was a game that you were impressed by this generation, it’s most likely on the list. We’re going to go through each gaming system (not including handhelds) and select the finest looking games in their library. And there will be some unique categories as well, such as art style and upcoming games with the best graphics. And although we said that it’s impossible to lock down a top ten games with the best graphics of the past generation because of the subjective nature of the beast, we’re going to go ahead and do it anyways. And yes, please do remember that it’s subjective.

Games can look good in so many different ways

Games have many different ways they can look good. Some have amazing technical specs (Crysis). Others have great texture work (Battlefield 3). Some games have incredible vistas, with draw distances that stretch across a whole country or island (Just Cause 2). Some have realistically detailed character models even up close (L.A. Noire, Heavy Rain). There are games that are technically unimpressive but have fantastic art styles (Rayman Origins). Some games are impressive just because of their attention to detail, filling up cities with myriad details to observe (GTAIV). And don’t forget the games that are graphically impressive for no other reason than the atmosphere that the graphics manage to convey (Bioshock, Dead Space 2). We won’t even begin discussing games that excel in a specific nuance, such as fire effects, water effects, nature, lighting, shadows, and more.

It’s time to get this baby on the road. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover and some beautiful screenshots to marvel at. Games on these lists are only included if they are exclusive to that system, otherwise they go into the Multiplatform list.

Best Graphics on Xbox 360

First we’re going to take a look at the best looking games on the Xbox 360.The 10 games with the best graphics on the system, to be precise. So follow the next link if you’re interested in the Best Graphics in Games on the Xbox 360


Best Graphics on Playstation 3

Next we’ll gather round and ogle at the beautiful sights on the PS3. We counted 9 different games that knocked our socks off. So follow the next link if you’re interested in the Best Graphics in Games on the Playstation 3


Best Graphics on Wii

The Wii might have had less power than the other systems, but it sure had some pretty looking games. Expect lots of art style to compensate for lack of processing power. Which, to some gamers, is a good thing. This list will contain eleven games on the Wii that looked nice. So follow this link if you’re interested in the Best Graphics in Games on the Wii.


best graphics games

Best Graphics on PC

The PC is always changing as graphics cards improve over time. So, of course, we’re going to choose the best of the past couple years. We even have a few MMOs in the mix. Eleven games made it onto our list. Follow this link to the Best Graphics in Games on PC.


Best Graphics in Multiplatform Games

Here’s the biggest list because we’re covering all the major games of the generation that saw release on two or more systems. Most of your best looking games will be on this list, like Crysis, Skyrim, and Battlefield 3. 25 Different games made it onto this list of the Best Graphics in Multiplatform Games.


Best Art Styles

Some games would be considered quite mediocre from a technical standpoint but are gifted with a visual art style that makes them appealing to look at nonetheless. Quite a few games in the previous lists had nice art styles, but this list is for when the games rely primarily on the art style. Ten games in all. Enter the following post to read about the Best Art Styles in Games.


Best Graphics in Upcoming Games

There are many, many upcoming games that look breathtaking. We are going to count off 38 of our most anticipated games that look to raise the bar on graphics and blow our minds. If you’re interested in the Best Graphics in Upcoming Games then this is where you want to go.


Overall Winners for the Best Graphics in Games this Past Generation

As I said, this is totally subjective but I wanted to give you a list of my personal favorites across all systems. I took the previous 75 games mentioned on all these lists and chose my top ten games. So, here you go: The Top 10 Games with the Best Graphics this Generation (aka Menashe’s Favorites)


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