Best Leaders in Warcraft Rumble, ranked

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Leaders are vital to Warcraft Rumble, as these will dictate how you approach constructing your deck. With a flurry of them in Rumble, we will rank the best ones for players to use.

Warcraft Rumble: All Leaders

Leaders are the building block for decks in Warcraft Rumble, and throughout the game, you will unlock various ones by completing certain zones, guild chests, or playing PvP.

Your chosen leader will dictate the amount of a particular army type you bring into battle, as, for instance, a Horde leader will require at least two other Horde cards to fight alongside it, and so on.

While we await the arrival of other notable characters, such as Anduin Wryn and Thrall, we will rank the current top five leaders in Warcraft Rumble.

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5. Sylvanas Windrunner – Horde

The Banshee Queen herself has made her way into Rumble during the release of Season 1 and has quickly shot up the rankings, in large part due to her outstanding talents, such as Black Arrow.

This ability enables players to deal elemental damage through an entire line of enemies, making it devastating if they’re on the counterattack.

Furthermore, Sylvanas has an excellent leader ability where all surrounding Horde and Undead gain 30% movement speed, which will be vital to get to specific points on the map before your opponent.

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4. Rend Blackhand – Blackrock

One of the only leaders within Rumble to have a mount in-game, Rend Blackhand will deploy into battle perched atop his Drake, and will be a menace on the battlefield.

You can make some incredible flying decks based around Blackhand, as his ability allows them to be deployed at one Gold less than they would initially be. Alongside the notion that Rend essentially has two lives, as when his Drake is destroyed, he will still be in battle, and if you combine this with the Scale and Steel ability, he’ll further gain armor.

All in all, Rend Blackhand is undoubtedly formidable and will make an outstanding leader for players to use, and the use of cards, such as S.A.F.E. Pilot, will increase the deck’s overall AOE damage throughout.

3. Grommash Hellscream – Horde

The founder of the Warsong clan, and the mentor to eventual Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh. Grommash carves his path into Warcraft Rumble with staggering damage that only an orc of his caliber can output and has other metrics to prove his ferocity.

Bloodlust, which grants nearby allies 33% movement and attack speed, is a tremendous boost to your deck, alongside the Savage Strike talent, which deals double damage to weakened enemies, making Grommash one of the best leaders in Rumble.

Players will want to utilize this leader alongside other cards, such as Darkspear Trolls and Warsong Grunts, to make the most out of Grommash’s abilities and deal intense damage to your enemy.

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2. Tirion Fordring – Alliance

While some players won’t appreciate that we put an Alliance leader over a Horde one, Tirion Fordring is highly contested to be the best leader in the game in the current meta.

While Grommash is adequate for his damage and movement buffs to allies, Tirion enables healing throughout your forces that are already deployed, essentially giving you a second wind in certain battles. This can be the make-it-or-break-it scenario for players and using the Divine Shield talent will make Tirion unstoppable in action.

Furthermore, Fordring will benefit from fellow Alliance cards such as Defias Bandits and Gryphon Ride, two quick, lost-cost cards that will pack a punch if they can get some healing in combat.

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1. Baron Rivendare – Undead

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Rounding off our list is Baron Rivendare, one of the Four Horsemen of the Undead, and the current best leader in Warcraft Rumble, thanks mainly to the sheer dominance he can exert on the battlefield.

This dominance is attributed to numerous aspects, such as Baron’s exceptionally high health, which is excellent for leading the charge into towers. Further, his Chill of The Grave talent goes hand in hand with his ability to summon Skeletons at locations you control.

So, ideally, you’d want to use these two together, as they’ll spawn Mages rather than regular Skeletons, causing another threat to your enemies, but at a distance.

For now, these are the best leaders in Warcraft Rumble ranked, and we’ll be sure to update this list as the meta changes in the future.

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