Best Legendary Weapons Baldurs Gate 3
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10 best Legendary weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, ranked

The most powerful weapons in Baldur's Gate 3.

There are a ton of amazing and unique weapons to buy and loot in Baldur’s Gate 3. They can be incredibly dull and low-leveled, or perhaps Rare and Legendary in status. These rankings here will only contain Legendary weapons, which there are quite a few of. Let’s jump right into 10 of the best Legendary weapons ranked and how to get them in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): 10 best Legendary weapons, ranked

While I’ve left out just a few of the Legendary weapons, these are the best of the best in Baldur’s Gate 3. And just remember, you may not agree with my rankings, and that’s okay! Because practically all of the Legendary weapons are great in their own ways.

10. Gontr Mael

This longbow is the only ranged Legendary bow, and it can achieve some very cool things. Gontr Mael has a Weapon Enchantment of +3 and gives you a unique Weapon Action, alongside some unique abilities.

  • 1d8+3 Piercing damage
  • Promised Victory: On a hit, possibly inflict Guiding Bolt upon target.
  • Gontr Mael Glowing: Object shines with a glowing light in a 6m radius.
  • Celestials Haste spell: Gain the Hastened condition.
  • Bolt of Celestial Light: Frighten your target with intimidating arrows. After attacking, ranged weapon attack with Gontr Mael deal an additional 1d4 Radiant damage.

It’s hard to compete with some of these other items, so sadly, Gontr Mael has to sit at the bottom of this list. You can find Gontr Mael after defeating the Steel Watcher Titan in the Steel Watch Foundry.

Baldurs Gate 3 Act 2 Checklist Gaunlet Shar

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9. Shar’s Spear of Evening

Perfect for any Dark Justiciar, Shar’s Spear of Evening is a Legendary spear and Versatile weapon. I’ve put this at a low ranking simply because its abilities rely too heavily on a specific situation, despite it having a +3 for Weapon Enchantment. You’ll want to use this if you like using spells that obscure enemy vision.

  • 1d8+3 Piercing damage (two-handed)
  • 1d6+3 Piercing damage (one-handed)
  • Shar’s Blessing: Gain Advantage on saving throws while lightly/heavily obscured. Weapon deals additional 1d6 damage to creatures who are obscured as well.
  • Blind Immunity: Wearer cannot be blinded.
  • Shar’s Darkness spell: Creates a dark cloud that heavily obscures/blinds creatures within.

If you’re looking for a weapon like this, you can find the Shar’s Spear of Evening in the Gauntlet of Shar. If you decide to kill Nightsong instead of save her, Shadowheart will earn herself this spear and become a Dark Justiciar.

8. Selune’s Spear of Night

Opposite of Shar’s best spear is Selune’s Spear of Night. I personally believe that this is a better reward than the previous spear, as it has the same +3 Weapon Enchantment, but also some more useful features. I would find Selune’s Blessing to come in handy more often than Shar’s Blessing, and you get a spell, plus two abilities!

  • 1d8 Piercing damage (two-handed)
  • 1d6 Piercing damage (one-handed)
  • Selune’s Blessing: Gain Advantage on Wisdom saving throws and Perception checks.
  • Darkvision: See in the dark up to 12m.
  • Moonbeam spell: Deal 2d10 Radiant damage and call down a beam of light. Targets in light must make a CON saving throw.
  • Moonmote: As an Action, illuminate area around you with moonish lights.

Just like the last spear, you can acquire Selune’s Spear of Night if you decide to save Nightsong and Shadowheart goes against Shar. You’ll gain this spear as a reward for making this decision.

7. Silver Sword of the Astral Plane

While this is an incredible sword, it’s highly specific to one race. If you have Lae’zel in your party, get her this Silver Sword of the Astral Plane. With a +3 Weapon Enchantment and three incredible abilities, you should look out for this greatsword.

  • 1d6+3 Slashing damage
  • Soulbreaker: Rend enemy’s body and soul, possibly Stunning them.
  • Githborne Psionic Weapon: When a Githyanki is wielding, weapon deals additional 1d6 Psychic damage.
  • Githborne Psionic Resistance: When a Githyanki is wielding, they gain Advantage on INT, WIS, and CHA saving throws, Resistance to Psychic damage, and cannot be Charmed.

This is lower in the ranking just because most of the abilities only work with a Githyanki. Otherwise, the buffs it gives the Githyanki are quite astonishing. You’ll find this Silver Sword of the Astral Plane on Kith’rak Voss. If you find yourself facing off against this Githyanki warrior in Act 1, try to use the Command spell and tell him to drop the weapon. You can also simply defeat him to get this sword.

How To Beat Orin In Baldurs Gate 3

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6. Crimson Mischief

This beautiful shortsword has +2 Weapon Enchantment, deals a bit of Necrotic damage, and has some interesting abilities depending on which hand it’s in. I’ve put this one below the number five spot, which it’s supposed to pair with, for reasons I’ll explain below.

  • 1d6+2 Piercing damage
  • 1d4 Necrotic damage
  • Prey Upon the Weak (main hand only): Deals an additional 1d4 Piercing damage against targets with 50% of HP or less.
  • Redvein Savagery (main hand only): When you make an attack with Advantage, target takes an additional seven piercing Damage.
  • Crimson Weapon (off-hand only): When you attack with off-hand weapon, add your Ability Modifier to damage of attack.

While these are some interesting abilities, I find them a little lacking compared to what’s coming next. But it does seem like Crimson Mischief is more useful in your main hand. Where you can get Crimson Mischief is on Orin’s body once you defeat her.

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5. Bloodthirst

Here’s another one of Orin’s incredible weapons! This is one of the sickest daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially with a name like Bloodthirst. It has a +2 Weapon Enchantment and also does different things depending on which hands hold it.

  • 1d4+2 Piercing damage
  • Improved Critical: The number you need to roll for a Critical Hit is reduced by one. Effect can stack.
  • True Strike spell (as a Bonus Action)
  • Bound Weapon: Ritually bound to wielder, so it cannot be knocked out of their hands, and will automatically return to wielder when thrown.
  • Exploit Weakness (main hand only): Creatures hit with weapon receive Vulnerability to Piercing damage.
  • True Strike Riposte (off-hand only): When a creature misses you with a melee attack, you can retaliate and gain True Strike.
    • +1 Armor Class

There are so many interesting things you can do with Bloodthirst. Swap it between hands for different effects, but honestly, having it in your off-hand sounds best. You can find Bloodthirst also on Orin’s body.

4. Duellist’s Prerogative

With a +3 Weapon Enchantment and some unique special features, Duellist’s Prerogative serves as a great Legendary rapier. There are a few different abilities that come with this weapon, perfect for any duellist.

  • 1d8+3 Piercing damage
  • 1d4 Necrotic damage
  • Elegant Duellist: When your off-hand is empty, you score a Critical Hit when rolling a 19. You also gain an additional reaction per turn.
  • Withering Cut: On a melee hit, use a reaction to deal additional Necrotic damage equal to your Proficiency bonus.
  • Challenge to Duel spell: Challenge an enemy to only attack you, and inflict Bleeding on them.
  • Dueller’s Enthusiasm: As a Bonus Action, when not dual-wielding, make an additional melee attack with The Dueller.

Give this weapon to someone who doesn’t dual-wield for more reactions and attacks per turn. If Duellist’s Prerogative interests you, you’ll gain it as a reward for completing the ‘Save Vanra’ quest.

Best Legendary Weapons Baldurs Gate 3 Blood Of Lathander

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3. The Blood of Lathander

Available right from Act 1, The Blood of Lathander is an exquisite mace with +3 Weapon Enchantment. Even into Act 3, this weapon is still useful. It’s quite the hassle just to get your hands on this, making this worth its rarity.

  • 1d6+3 Bludgeoning damage
  • Lathander’s Blessing: Once per Long Rest, when your HP reduces to zero, you regain 2-12 HP. Allies within 9m also regain 1-6 HP.
  • Lathander’s Light: Holy light sheds within a 6m radius. Fiends and undead standing in light are Blinded.
  • Sunbeam spell: Projects a beam of light that deals 6d8 Radiant damage and Blinds creatures in its path.

The fact that you can cast a sixth-level spell all the way in Act 1 is wicked. This is a perfect weapon for any Cleric like Shadowheart. How you can get The Blood of Lathander is a long process in the Crèche Y’llek, but we have a guide on how to attain it.

2. Markoheshkir

Although Markoheshkir (say that three times fast) only has +2 Weapon Enchantment, it can do so much more than that. This is a quarterstaff and is a simple melee weapon for your magic users.

  • 1d6 Bludgeoning damage (one-handed)
  • 1d8 Bludgeoning damage (two-handed)
  • Arcane Enchantment: Gain a +1 bonus to spell Save DC and spell attack rolls.
  • Arcane Battery: Your next spell doesn’t cost a spell slot.
  • Kereska’s Favor: Imbue yourself with elemental energy from the draconic goddess Kereska.

This highly unique weapon is perfect for your spellcasters. Not only does it give you bonus spell-related rolls, but also you get a free spell slot! You’ll find Markoheshkir in a Globe of Invulnerability in Ramazith’s Tower during Act 3.

1. Nyrulna

At the top of the rankings is Nyrulna, a beautiful +3 Weapon Enchantment trident. While you may prefer some of the other weapons, I’ve put this in first place due to some of the wild features it has. I typically never use tridents in Baldur’s Gate 3, but this one is a must-have.

  • 1d6+3 Piercing damage
  • 1d8+3 Piercing damage
  • 1d6 Thunder damage
  • Zephyr Connection: The weapon will return to your hand when thrown. You cannot be forced to drop it. Once thrown, it creates an explosion dealing 3d4 Thunder damage.
  • Veil of the Wind: You gain 3m bonus movement speed and jump distance. Equipping Nyrulna gives you Immunity to fall damage.
  • Nyrulna Glowing: Object glows light in a 6m radius.
  • Zephyr Flash Weapon Action: Rush forward, creating an air vortex that blasts foes and possibly inflicts Bleeding.
  • Zephyr Break Weapon Action: Imitates the effects of Gust of Wind spell while dealing thunder damage.

Wow, this is a lot of information to take in, I know. Nyrulna is an extraordinary weapon compared to all the rest, and it had to be in first place. How you can get Nyrulna is by winning the jackpot from Akabi, who is in the Circus of the Last Days at Rivington.

Now that you know all about the best Legendary weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, what about some of the best Legendary Armor? We’ve covered that as well!

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