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Best locations to farm Pre-War Food in Fallout 76

Like the good ol' days.

The best way to do stay healthy in Fallout 76 is to ensure things like Stimpacks are readily available. However, these packs will only take you so far.

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Pre-War food is a much better source of health. While they can be found in random spots in the wasteland, this guide will cover the best locations to farm Pre-War food in Fallout 76. So listen up. 

Fallout 76: Best locations to farm Pre-War food

Before going into detail about where to get and farm these food items it’s good to know what this entails. Pre-War food is what was available before the bombs dropped in Fallout 76. BlamCo Mac & Cheese, Cram, Dandy Boy Apples, and Canned Beans all count as Pre-War food. A good indicator of Pre-War food is that it’s usually in a box. There are many benefits of Pre-War food but the most important one is that you don’t get radiation poisoning from it, unlike other health items in Fallout 76. If you plan on fighting Lesser Devils, try stocking up on these items, they can help buffer the heavy attacks of those creatures.

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Now you know what Pre-War food is, let’s get to finding the best spots to farm it in Fallout 76.

Best spots to farm Pre-War food

At the time of writing this, there seem to be just two places to explore. I find this better because I don’t need to spend my time searching. The fewer areas there are, the more concentrated the food items become. 

Cobbleton Farm

By heading to this spot, there is going to be an abandoned farmhouse. When you enter, check every desk and shelf you find. There will be Pre-War food waiting to be collected. You’ll also find other items to collect, so it’s a spot where you can replenish your health and maybe your ammo. Note, that there are basic creatures around that may attack, but they don’t seem to be threatening. 

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Sunshine Meadows industrial farm 

Making your way to the Forest area, west of the Flatwoods you can find this meadow. It’s worth going here due to the workshops that make food when turned on. In other words, you can come back over and over again to get Pre-War food. However, the issue with this spot is that it’s a hot zone for players to attack. If someone else has ownership of Sunshine Meadows industrial farm, you may have to fight them. If that’s not an option, then you might have to claim the farm. To do so, there will be a side quest in the area that needs to be completed to get ownership of the workshops. 

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Hacking is so strange in Fallout 76. Luckily our guide makes it easier to understand. 

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