Best Persona Fusions
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Top 10 best Persona fusions in the series

The best of the best.

The Persona franchise has a ton of possible fusions you can make. And each game in the series has its own unique list you can fuse from. But in each title there’s always a few stand outs. So here are the best Persona fusions from across the series.

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10. Shiki-Ouji

Shiki Ouji
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We’re starting this list off with a rather middling Persona but for good reason. Shiki-Ouji is often the Persona you’ll get once the game starts to get a little serious. At around level 40, you’ll be fighting tougher enemies and bosses as the story begins to ramp up. Shiki-Ouji is brilliant in this case due to its resistance to Physical attacks across the games.

Shiki-Ouji is also useful for its Tetrakarn and Makarakarn abilities that put up a physical or magical shield up on a party member. It’s usually weak to a few elements though so careful play is still required to succeed with Shiki-Ouji. But if you’re looking for a dependable friend to get you through a tough palace, Shiji-Ouji can handle some of the work.

9. Abbadon

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Abaddon is another mid-level Persona that sticks out as one of the best fusions. It’s able to absorb Physical and Curse attacks which protects you from some high damaging moves. Curse-based instakills won’t work on Abbadon and heavy Physical strikes will simply bounce off. Of course it’s not a perfect Persona either. It can still have a few weaknesses depending on the game. In Persona 3 Reload it’s weak to Ice and Bless, for example.

Abbadon is created through standard fusion, and if you can get it to have the Charge skill through another Persona in the process, it’ll be able to deal a ton of Physical damage. And by the time you’re in the mid level 70s, you’ll face plenty of Shadows that’ll crumble beneath good Physical attacks. It may not be a looker, but this giant demon frog is a worthy addition to a team.

8. Melchizedek

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If you’re hankering for a Persona that looks like a Power Ranger with wings, then Melchizedek is the one for you. This is a Persona that’s been a longtime favorite of mine due to its awesome design and strong abilities. Melchizedek excels in dealing and withstanding Physical damage. It also usually comes with Bless-based instakill skills, which makes it a fiend for any enemy weak to that form of damage.

Melchizedek is usually somewhere between level 58 and 66 depending on the game. And if you’re progressing through one of these games for the first time, you’ll likely be pretty far into the game at this point. So having a Persona that can tank plenty of damage while dishing it out is pretty good. It was even better in Persona 4 as it came with the Mediarahan ability, making it a great support Persona, too.

7. Beelzebub

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This is one ugly Persona, but sometimes you have to look past the aesthetics to see the true beauty inside. This late-game Persona excels in doling out Curse spells and instakill attacks. In Persona 5 it was perfect since it had a spell called Demonic Decree which would half the HP of an enemy. It also learned Megidolaon in this game which is nearly the best Almighty skill in the game.

Beelzebub is usually around level 81 or 87 which means you’ll need to spend a ton of time grinding up those levels to get to it. You’ll also need a lot of money if you don’t already have the necessary Personas to fuse. So not only is it costly to make, but it’s also very time-consuming on a first-time playthrough. But if you’re able to put in the time, Beelzebub is indeed one of the better Personas in the series.

6. Daisoujou

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Most of my fond memories of Daisoujou actually come from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. In that game, he had numerous skills that were extremely valuable to have at the midpoint. Unfortunately, Daisoujou isn’t exactly as useful of a fusion in Persona as it is in Shin Megami Tensei. But even with that said, it’s still got some brilliant skills to work with.

It’s main attacks are Bless-based instakills, and it gets the best of these abilities called Samsara. This in conjunction with Hama Boost can make Daisoujou a terrifying opponent for your enemies to face. Its one weakness in Persona 3 Reload is Curse. But it can learn Null Dark which makes this a non-issue. It also comes with Diarahan which fully restores an ally’s health, so it can support the party in a pinch. Daisoujou isn’t quite the best Persona fusion in the series but it’s certainly worth mentioning.

5. Yoshitsune

Yoshitsune Persona 5
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Yoshitsune is the first inclusion on this list to not be in Persona 3 Reload. And that’s a real shame considering how powerful this Persona truly is. In Persona 5 Royal, Yoshitsune is perhaps one of the best Physical attackers in the game. It comes with Brave Blade which deals colossal Physical damage to one foe, which is pretty good. But then it can learn Hassou Tobi which deals light Physical damage to all foes eight times in a row.

If you were to combine Hassou Tobi along with Charge and attack buffs, then Yoshitsune could make mincemeat out of any Shadows in your way. It also came with some nice passive abilities in Persona 5 Royal including Last Stand and Fast Heal. Yoshitsune only gets this far on the list due to its limited gameplan. However, if you’re able to execute it well, Yoshitsune doesn’t really need to do anything else which makes it one of the best Persona fusions.

4. Trumpeter

Trumpeter Persona
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In practice, Trumpeter is very similar to Daisoujou in terms of what it does it in battle. But due to a wider spread of useful abilities and the fact that in Persona 3 Reload you can usually get it at the same level as Daisoujou, it’s a slightly better Persona in my opinion. Trumpeter has Bless-based instakill attacks, along with Mudoon and Mediarahan. It also has the best debuff skill in the game with Debilitate.

Trumpeter is much more of an all-rounder Persona than any other on this list so far. And that’s a little hint as to what the best Personas in the game tend to be. It’s not usually ones that excel in specific areas, but Personas that are powerful enough to face any foe without much issue. In Trumpeter’s case, it’s still able to support the party very well if it can’t deal great damage to enemies in battle.

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3. Lucifer

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It still feels a bit weird to call on such a big Shin Megami Tensei character like Lucifer in a Persona game. But the series usually treats him pretty well throughout the games. Lucifer himself has had many designs in his decades-long history, but Persona uses his look from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne in particular. In terms of gameplay, Lucifer has no weakness to any element and usually absorbs Fire and Curse attacks. Persona 5 Royal made him weak to Bless but in all fairness that does make sense.

For abilities he’ll either have devastating physical and almighty attacks, or a wide suite of elemental attacks. Persona 5 had Lucifer take on those former abilities and also let him use Heat Riser to buff the party. But in Persona 3 Reload, he has the best Fire, Wind, and Ice spells in the game along with Debilitate. Either way, Lucifer is truly a force to be reckoned with.

2. Orpheus Telos

Orpheus Telos Persona 3
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In Persona 3 Reload, Orpheus Telos is simply one of the best Persona fusions in the game. You only get access to it when you complete every social link, so it’s probably best to try and get that done on a new game plus file. But once you’ve done that you’ll have a Persona that’s resistant to every form of damage. It’s only downside is that it only has one skill initially called Victory Cry which recovers its HP and SP after battle.

Orpheus Telos can’t learn any new abilities after Victory Cry, but that’s not the end of the world. You can use Skill Cards to teach it moves instead, making this a Persona that’s extremely malleable. It can essentially fulfill any role you want it to be it a Physical or Magical attacker, or simply be a support Persona. The only reason it isn’t number one is because of its lack of innate abilities. But it’s also hard to top the Persona in the top spot regardless.

1. Satanael

Satanael Persona 5 Royal
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Satanael is the ultimate Persona for Joker in Persona 5 Royal. And while this Persona doesn’t immediately seem to have anything too special, it can become a supreme powerhouse. It also has one of the coolest Persona designs out of anything from the series so that certainly gets it a few points in my book. Satanael resists nearly every form of damage while nullifying and absorbing Bless and Curse respectively.

Satanael also comes loaded with heavily damaging Curse, Almighty, and Gun attacks. But it’s real power comes from the Tyrant’s Mind passive ability which boosts all of its damage by 25%. This passive stacks with standard attack buffs and charges, so Satanael can potentially do an obscene amount of damage to enemies. And since it’s so resistant to most damage types, enemies can’t do anything to Joker. With all that said, it’s clear to see why Satanael is the arguably the best of the Persona fusions we’ve seen yet.

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