Best Races to play in Project Mugetsu, Ranked

Project Mugetsu Best Race
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Currently, there are two races to pick from in Project Mugetsu: Soul Reaper and Hollow. If you follow the Bleach anime or manga, you know that there are the Fullbringer and Quincy races as well. While those two races will come to Project Mugetsu in the future, for now, we only have Soul Reaper and Hollow.

Note: For more information on how to become a Soul Reaper, check out our guide.

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While they aren’t in the game yet, Fullbringer and Quincy are powerful races. In Bleach, Fullbringers generally aren’t as strong as Soul Reaper, Arrancar, or Quincy. It will be interesting to see if this power level will carry over into Project Mugetsu. On the other hand, Quincy are some of the strongest characters in Bleach. Again, it will be interesting to see if Quincy are overpowered or not, but we will have to wait and see.

There is no best race in Project Mugetsu thanks to the game being well-balanced. Each race has its pros and cons. It ultimately comes down to personal choice. That said, here are the pros and cons of Soul Reaper and Hollow.

Soul Reaper

Soul Reapers are the protagonists, or the good guys, in Project Mugetsu. Soul Reapers get Shikai and eventually Bankai which grants them extremely unique and powerful abilities. There are a lot of fighting options, but generally, all Soul Reapers are equipped with a sword.

The path of a Soul Reaper involves a lot of grind in a Meditation minigame. You’ll spend a lot of time doing the Meditation minigame if you want to become powerful, so keep that in mind.


Hollows are evil spirits that are enemies of Soul Reapers. Hollows are somewhat powerful at first but can progress to Arrancar which is the most powerful type of Hollow. Hollows have strong supernatural abilities but usually fight with their fists.

Like Soul Reapers, Hollows face a long and grindy road to become Arrancar. Hollows have to do a lot more grinding than Soul Reapers, but their path is arguably more fun because you’ll be fighting and devouring souls to level up.

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