Best Sanhua Team Comps In Wuthering Waves
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Best Sanhua team comps in Wuthering Waves

A 4-Star Glacio Sword Resonator.

Sanhua is one of the few free Wuthering Waves characters you can acquire, so what are the best team comps for her? She’s a 4-Star Glacio Sword Resonator who is a great pick for a DPS team member.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Sanhua team comps

Once you unlock Sanhua you’ll probably be wondering where she fits best. She’s a great DPS Resonator, but who else can you pair with her? Here are the top picks for Sanhua team compositions in Wuthering Waves.

Main DPSSub DPSSupport

If you’re looking for a team that deals a decent amount of damage, try putting Calcharo and Verina with Sanhua. Sanhua’s Outro skill will provide a 38% Basic Attack Deepen boost for Calcharo who can dish out fast Basic Attacks.

Verina is also a great support pick since she heals the party while also granting Sanhua and Calcharo a 15% All-Type DMG Deepen buff.

Main DPSSub DPSSupport

Instead of Calcharo, you can go for Encore alongside Sanhua and Verina. Again, Verina is probably the best support character in the game as she grants these DPS characters that 15% All-Type DMG Deepen boost.

Encore fits perfectly alongside Sanhua since Encore’s Outro skill deals Fusion DMG over time for six seconds after generating her Thermal Field. Then Sanhua can grant Encore that 38% Basic Attack Deepen buff for Encore.

Main DPSSub DPSSupport

One other good team comp you can try is Lingyang as the main DPS and Baizhi as the support. Baizhi is an excellent support since she can heal the party as well as give 15% All-Type DMG Deepen for six seconds.

Both Lingyang and Sanhua can make use of this Outro skill buff. With this team, I’d start with Sanhua until she can use her Outro skill to switch to Lingyang and grant him that 38% Basic Attack Deepen boost.

Now that you know the best team comps for Sanhua in Wuthering Waves, other popular characters can fit into team comps such as Aalto.

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