Best Strategies for Egyptian Treasures event puzzle answers in Monopoly GO

Digging In Monopoly Go
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Monopoly GO has actually released an event that is reliant on skill as well as luck – the Egyptian Treasures event.

If you want to get far, then you’ll certainly need a good strategy.

The best strategies for Egyptian Treasures in Monopoly GO

Below are a couple of strategies I use when I’m about to hit the dig site. Note that these won’t be applicable to every level, so you’ll need to be careful! These strategies serve as general principles that you can adapt to (almost) every level in the event.

Best way to start a level

Starting a level can be tough, as you have a large grid to choose any of the blocks from. The best thing to do here is choose one of the center blocks, as that then divides the field into other segments and you can go from there. Never go for a corner piece or a side piece, as they will reveal less about the board than a center piece will, even if you actually uncover a treasure.

Egyptian Treasures Event In Monopoly Go
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Scoping around for other treasures

Make sure to regard the set at the top to know what treasures you’re after. The size and shape of these pieces will show you where you can expect treasures to be in your dig site. Make sure to clear blocks that could practically cover numerous treasures of numerous orientations. That’s right, these pieces can be hidden on their sides.

When I’m a little stuck and low on pickaxes, I make sure to choose one block that has the highest chance of hiding every treasure piece, rotated any way. Even if the square didn’t uncover anything, it’ll actually tell me more about where else the treasures could be hiding! Knowing where the treasure isn’t is as valuable as knowing where the treasure is!

Pay attention to the treasure!

When you uncover a piece of treasure, you’ll also be able to tell where the other pieces are. Pay attention to the silhouette of the treasure and which part you’re shown, as you’ll be able to know exactly where the rest of it is. If the treasure piece is three squares in length, have a close look to know if you’ve uncovered one of the ends to not waste pickaxes uncovering an empty tile.

I hope this has been useful, fellow mogul, and that you’ll be able to advance very far in the Egyptian Treasures event!

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