8 best survival games in 2024

Best Survival Games In 2024
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With 2024 chugging along, there are numerous exciting survival games incoming. With that in mind, we have a list of the eight best survival games coming in 2024.

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Survival is a wildly popular genre with a growing fanbase and an evermore-growing list of games available. If you’re looking to see what’s out in 2024 for this genre, here are some of the most hyped releases.

8 most exciting survival games releasing in 2024

Best Survival Games In 2024 Enshrouded
Image: Keen Games GmbH


One of the most highly-anticipated survival games of 2024 has to be Enshrouded, releasing January 24 for Early Access. You play as the Flameborn, who is the final hope of a dying race. Survive the vast fog that has corrupted the lands, and reclaim your territory.

This game is full of crafting, combat, and other fun RPG elements, alongside a huge open world. You’ll start from nothing, having to face the fog and wilds by scavenging for resources and facing off against dangerous creatures. There’s also an in-depth base-building system that’ll keep you busy.

Abiotic Factor
Image: Deep Field Games

Abiotic Factor

Set to release sometime in 2024, Abiotic Factor has you craft and survive with one to six players. Inside a deep, underground research facility, you must make this place your home until you find a way to escape. There are tons of dangerous entities from other dimensions ready to tear you apart.

This 90s-inspired sci-fi survival game has a fun multiplayer open world and deep character progression. Instead of fighting head-on, you can create elaborate traps with the help of your science degree.



With a release date of February 22 in Early Access, Nightingale promises an open-world PvE crafting experience. Either play alone or with some friends as you build your base, fight creatures from Fae Realms, and become a Realmwalker who travels through portals between dimensions.

Just like any survival game, Nightingale will allow you to gather resources, craft new equipment, and build the base of your dreams. You’ll even be able to recruit NPCs to help work at your build sites.

Best Survival Games In 2024 Pacific Drive
Image: Ironwood Studios

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive also plans to arrive on February 22, offering a survival adventure behind the wheel of your very own vehicle. Throughout this game with sci-fi supernatural dangers, it’s just you and your car against the world.

You must scavenge for resources to upgrade your car and make it out of each area alive. Outrun storms, discover the mystery surrounding the Olympic Exclusion Zone, and take the road trip of a lifetime.

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Best Survival Games In 2024 Once Human
Image: Starry Studio

Once Human

This multiplayer survival open-world game called Once Human has you survive in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. There are aliens amok in Once Human, and you’re now a Meta-Human who can survive the contamination.

Releasing sometime in Q3 2024, Once Human includes action-packed gunplay against interdimensional enemies. Customize all of your weapons, as you can earn around 100 different gun blueprints. You can even build your own territory as a haven from the dangerous outdoors.

The Alters
Image: 11 bit studios

The Alters

The Alters is a sci-fi base-building survival game where you play as Jan Dolski, a worker who is attempting to survive alone on a strange planet. With a planned release of sometime in 2024, this is an intriguing third-person game that has you play in the shoes of someone with multiple alters.

These alternate versions of himself will start to help him survive on this planet, but you’ll have to get along with them. Jan will also face some difficult choices he made and must make, as he races against time while radiation levels increase.

Palworld monster attacking
Image via Steam


Coming out in Early Access on January 19 as the first survival game to be released on this list, Palworld is just like Pokémon, but with crafting, weapons, and a vast open world. Catch Pals and have them work at your bases, but make sure they’re taken care of.

You must explore this world carefully to not run into a vicious Pal above your level. Continue to unlock more equipment, weapons, and builds to become powerful enough to survive in dungeons.

Best Survival Games In 2024 Road To Vostok
Image: Road to Vostok

Road to Vostok

If you want a hardcore single-player survival experience, Road to Vostok is for you. Releasing in Early Access sometime presumably in 2024, this is an FPS, post-apocalyptic game with difficult survival mechanics.

Set in the border zone between Russia and Finland, you must collect loot, partake in randomized events, and survive in the permadeath zone of Vostok. Dying in this zone means losing everything, so are you willing to risk it all?

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