Top 10 Best PC Games of 2023, Ranked

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Screenshot: One More Level,Larian Studios, FromSoftware Inc.

There were a lot of incredible games released in 2023. Everyone was able to find an unforgettable experience during one of the most fruitful years in gaming ever.

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Picking the PC games that stood head-and-shoulders above the rest was hard, but I did it — I’ve selected the top 10 best PC games of 2023 and I’ve ranked them below. If you’re looking to play some quality games this holiday season, consider this guide. 

The 10 best PC games to play in 2023, ranked

The list is arranged in ascending order. You’ll have to wait till you get to the bottom before you find out my favorite PC game of 2023.


Top 10 Best PC Games of 2023, Ranked
Screenshot: Housemarque

Leaping over to PC after being a PS5 exclusive, Returnal, a roguelike shooter, has probably one of the more addictive gameplay loops I’ve ever experienced. Returnal does get quite difficult – frustratingly so, at times – but there’s just something about it that kept pulling me back in for what always ends up being the best sign of quality in a roguelike: it’s oozing with that “Okay, just one more run” feeling. It’s tough, but every failed run left me feeling like I was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Top 10 Best PC Games of 2023, Ranked
Screenshot: FromSoftware Inc.

You’re going to be overwhelmed but the sheer number of customization options available in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. But don’t let that scare you away from probably one of the better stories in the series. Combat is much more frenetic and over-the-top than most Fromsoft fare, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be taking out enemy mechs with ease. Well, relative ease. It’s not as challenging as most other Fromsoft games, but it has its chokepoints that were an absolute joy to overcome.

Ghostrunner 2

Top 10 Best PC Games of 2023, Ranked
Screenshot: One More Level

If you have a thing for severe punishment then Ghostrunner 2 is for you. Taking the high level of difficulty from the first game such as not getting at all, you can surely expect things to be much harder this time around. Movement is a lot more fluid, you’re faster, and you’re even deadlier. However, don’t let that take your gas off the pedal – Ghostrunner 2’s meta is very much like the first one — keep moving and don’t get hit. Additionally, the soundtrack helps you find a rhythm that makes combat more immersive, getting me into a flow state I never wanted to leave.

Lethal Company

Top 10 Best PC Games of 2023, Ranked
Screenshot: Zeekress

You’ll notice many of the games on this list are big triple-A titles. Lethal Company is quite the opposite. This co-op horror game didn’t get much traction at launch in October…and it’s now one of the most popular games on PC. Best played with friends and with an easy learning curve, you and up to three friends (or many, many more with the right mods installed) can create some unique and terrifying experiences while exploring the handful of desolate moons to collect scrap for your deeply unethical boss. It’s easy to pick up and play, but we’ve got tons of guides to help you navigate the trickier bits. The best thing I can say about Lethal Company is that I usually don’t play these types of games, but once I started I couldn’t stop — and didn’t want to. I might keep playing it throughout 2024.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake1
Screenshot: Capcom Co, LTD.

I do consider remakes this year to be full games because most, nowadays, aren’t just a new coat of pain. Resident Evil 4 was already hailed as one of the best games, not just in the Resident Evil series, but of all time. Its 2023 remake blew me and everyone else away by remaining faithful to the original Gamecube classic while making tiny tweaks here and there that update some of the aged mechanics and design philosophy so subtly that they tricked me into thinking that had always been that way. The atmosphere, the themes, and the scares themselves are one of a kind. Resident Evil 4 was the first horror game that I played that made me feel smaller and truly vulnerable. Just make sure your PC can run it because the PC requirements are a bit beefy.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

Assassins Creed
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I have a little bias here as the Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of my all-time favorites. With the last few entries going off on weird routes that have little to nothing to do with assassins, Mirage finally takes the series back to its roots. Assassin’s Creed: Mirage is a lot smaller, much like the first few entries in the series, but it’s packed with classic Assassin’s Creed goodness, from thrilling rooftop parkour to the return of one of my favorite mechanics in the series, social stealth. 

Dead Space Remake

Screenshot: Motive

Back in the Xbox 360 and PS3 days, the Dead Space series set the bar for what horror games can be —miserable, gross, and grungy, and all in the best ways possible. Fast forward to the present with better technology, you can witness the horror of the game in a new light. The Dead Space remake strips down and rebuilds the original game from the ground up, merging the classic, if somewhat linear, third-person survival horror with a more modern approach to level design where levels interconnect and can be returned to at will. Dead Space has helped shape my preferences in horror games for the better.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 20771
Screenshot: CD PROJEKT RED

CD Projekt RED pulled off the greatest public relations victory in gaming history. Remember when Cyberpunk 2077 first launched a couple of years back and was entirely broken? Almost entirely unplayable? A gigantic disaster for one of the most anticipated games of the decade? Well, it’s not any of that anymore. For one, the game functions. Low bar, I know. But it’s not on this list because CD Projekt RED made its game work at a basic level – it’s because the developer spent over a year after the game’s horrible launch turning the sad husk of Cyberpunk 2077 into an entirely different and flat-out incredible game. This might be the first case of a game developer overpromising and severely underdelivering, only to underpromise and then monumentally overdeliver. CD Projekt RED stayed with Cyberpunk 2077 and made it what it was supposed to be and then some.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 31
Screenshot: Larian Studios

This list wouldn’t be anything without the official Game of the Year. It’s quite interesting how a game that plays like Dungeons and Dragons has taken the gaming world by storm. With a deep and rich story filled with many interesting characters, you are sure to get lost in the world. On top of that, Baldur’s Gate 3 is co-op, so a friend can experience this unique game with you. The fact that’s on most platforms now helps the game get even bigger, which is more of a reason for you to jump in. 

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2
Screenshot: Remedy

I’ve waited years for a sequel to the original Alan Wake, which was released way, way back in 2010. I just never imagined the sequel would end up being this good. Alan Wake 2 is a riveting masterpiece of survival horror gameplay and narrative design. You’ll bounce between two characters, the titular Alan Wake, an author whose writing can reshape reality, and a new character in FBI agent Saga Anderson, a detective trying to unravel the mysteries of a murderous cult. The story is a lot, and that’s the best part. Alan Wake 2 has some super trippy moments that will have you scratching your head. Both narratives are fascinating and watching them weave in and out of each other was a delight. If you want the full experience you may need to play the first game to understand what’s going on, or just watch a recap video on YouTube. Doing a little bit of homework ahead of time will allow you to appreciate Alan Wake 2’s mastery of single-player storytelling all the more.

But enough looking back. Ready to look ahead to the future of gaming? Then read our list of PC Invasion’s most anticipated games of 2024.

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