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Best Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock

Who needs the Market Place?

I remember very fondly my attempts to find Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock. They would be exciting for a single session before I got bored and moved on. Let’s hope you have more perseverance than me.

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I have scoured the internet to find what may objectively be the best Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock. I’ve found classic ones, exciting ones, and challenging ones. I hope you enjoy!

Classic Survival Island

Classic Minecraft Survival Island
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Starting off with a classic Minecraft Survival Island, you’ll have everything you need here. Oh, the nostalgia. A few trees, a large green space, a cave system, and a smattering of animals. It’s perfect.

Seed: -8794122697371025303

Main features:

  • The classic experience
  • A cave
  • Access to sugarcane

Danger Close Survival Island

Minecraft Survival Island Village
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In an incredible twist of fate, these poor villagers have set up right next to a Pillager Outpost and a Woodland Mansion. Although with those Iron Golems, maybe they’ll be alright. If you want a more action-packed Survival Island experience, and some company, then this Seed will be worth checking out.

To top it all off, it’s also got a ruined Nether Portal for you to score even more loot and almost enough obsidian for a trip to the Nether.

Seed: -2905686047069235898

Main features:

  • Large village with Iron Golems
  • Pillager Outpost
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Ruined Nether Portal
  • Access to mushrooms
  • Turtles 😀

Cherry Blossom Survival Island

Minecraft Survival Island Cherry
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This Minecraft Survival Island is gorgeous. Cherry blossom trees have become a favorite to many, and you’ve got a whole trove here. This sizeable island is great for those wanting the classic Survival Island experience with modern features, like Cherry Trees and snowier snow.

Seed: -2865696737891188131

Main features:

  • Two types of trees
  • Access to snow
  • Pumpkins
  • Local Shipwreck
  • Other interesting islands nearby

Tri-Rock Isle Survival Island

Minecraft Survival Island Tri Rock
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Yes, this is a Sea of Thieves reference as I am a Sea of Thieves enjoyer, not that it really looks anything like Tri-Rock Isle. This Survival Island is interesting as it’s technically three, leaving it up to you to bridge the gaps. This reminds me of the classic experience, only taken up a notch. You’ll also notice very few trees, with next to no sand, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. At least there’s loads of stone and coal.

Seed: -4395231761336893335

Main features:

  • Three islands
  • Some serious elevation

Heaven’s Peak Survival Island

Mountain Minecraft Survival Island
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This Survival Island is as tall as it is daunting. Puncturing above the clouds, if you wanted an island that’s mountainous yet compact, you won’t find a better one. There are plenty of trees and wildlife to keep you going, although, with the land so turbulent, you’ll have a hard time landscaping.

Seed: -3149142039438819319

Main features:

  • Huge mountain
  • Access to snow
  • Two types of trees
  • Local Mooshroom Island
  • Emeralds
  • Caves

Sandy Archipelago Survival Island

Minecraft Survival Island Sand
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I really like this Survival Island as it presents a real challenge. Being on a desert, you’ll struggle for food and resources. But thankfully, the villagers and local Pillager outpost have you covered. It’ll be a real challenge, but you’ve got everything you need. A string of islands will also present the challenge of conquering them all.

Note that when launching this seed, you’ll start on one of the adjacent islands, which is purely a desert island with incredibly interesting geology. You could instead limit yourself to that island.

Seed: 4031847566403436702

Main features:

  • Desert island
  • Village
  • Pillager Outpost
  • Access to sugar cane
  • Archipelago of different desert islands

Lush Badlands Survival Island

Survival Island Badlands
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now this Minecraft Survival Island is truly something. On the outside, you’ve got the badlands, a place rich in gold, trees, and cool dogs. On the inside, however, you’ve got a grand lush biome. From the jagged entrance to the gloomy lagoon, this seed will have you feeling like you’re on a pirate adventure.

Seed: -6314609627526854494

Main features:

  • Gold
  • Lush cave system
  • Armadillos
  • Terracotta

Villager Resort Survival Island

Survival Island Minecraft Village
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This Survival Island is for those who simply want to coexist with villagers without some major threat like Pillager Outposts. I see this as almost perfect, as neither the island nor village are too big, but are decently sizeable. There are also enough resources to have a good start building up your village empire.

Seed: -2249399591983121695

Main features:

  • Village
  • Two types of trees
  • Iron Golems
  • Three blacksmiths

Eye of Poseidon Survival Island

Survival Island Minecraft Lake
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I’ve personally never got the appeal of large islands in Survival Island, especially ones as grand as this, but then it hit me. This would be perfect for multiplayer, and it’s also such a sight to behold. Such a lushious, grand, and extreme island with a central landmark is both beautiful and a challenge.

Unlike a typical Survival Island experience, you won’t be suffering for resources, but you’ll be struggling for flat space. And if you’re playing with friends, you’ll eventually be struggling for space…

Seed: 5955001316222018200

Main features:

  • Giant island
  • Access to ice, snow, and mushrooms
  • Many types of wood
  • Caves
  • Extreme altitudes

Bare Minimum Survival Island

Survival Island Minecraft
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is likely the hardest of all Survival Islands out there. The very bare minimum, you’ll need to make your space count. You will routinely have to go fishing to sustain yourself as mob spawns won’t be generous, and there are no other islands out there. You’re on your own. With very little space to your name.

Seed: 6234585794280948439

Main features:

  • Tiny and compact island
  • There aren’t really any features – and that’s the point

With all of these Survival Island seeds for Minecraft, you’ll be able to really simulate a tough challenge. If you want an even harder time, you can revert to an earlier version, although mind that these seeds won’t work.

As you’re playing on Bedrock, you could try out Survival Island with some Add-Ons to make the experience more interesting or easier.

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