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10 Best Minecraft Marketplace Add-Ons

That's right, Minecraft can get even cooler.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition benefits from the Marketplace, a place to buy all sorts of creations. Recently, Add-Ons, which essentially act as mods for Bedrock players. Here are the best ones you need to try out.

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Naturalist Add-On

Naturalist Add On
Image: Starfish Studios

This Add-On in the Minecraft Marketplace can be found on pretty much every list – and for good reason. It adds over 100 animals, lots of which can be tamed and maybe even ridden. They will naturally spawn in their appropriate biomes, significantly enriching your world.

With Elephants, Owls, Zebras, and even Capybaras riding Crocodiles, your survival experience won’t be the same again. You can play online without a hitch too, and you and your friends can ride into the sunset with your assortment of new creatures.

No matter how you want to reshape your Minecraft world, the Naturalist Add-On can find its way into almost any world.

The Naturalist Add-On costs 1340 Minecoins.


Mutants Add On
Image: Tsunami Studios

The MUTANTS! Add-On is an incredible mod that pays a great homage to the classic mutants mod and raises the bar significantly. There are around a dozen new mutated creatures for you to fight, including the Mutant Ghast, Frog, Wither Skeleton, Enderman, and even a mutated form of the Wither Boss, for an insane challenge.

Each Mutant provides its own challenge, and each one will require skill and preparation to beat, as well as differing strategies. You can summon these mutants when you’re ready for a fight.

Also, you could head over to creative mode and pit the Mutants against each other to see incredible fights unlike anything before in Minecraft.

The MUTANTS! Add-On costs 830 Minecoins.

Magic Spells
Image: Cyclone

The Magic Spells Add-On is the go-to Add-on if you want some magic to enter your Minecraft world. With spell books and wizardly garbs, you’ll be able to unleash a litany of spells upon your foes. The spells are cool, but the wizard robes alone are worth it.

From summoning cyclones to launching fireballs to launching black holes – none will be able to stand your abilities.

As you’ll be so incredibly powerful, I would recommend you pair this Add-On with others that add more powerful bosses and creatures. Being able to take on those aforementioned Mutants with these spells would be an awesome battle.

The Magic Spells Add-on costs 990 Minecoins.

DragonFire Add-On

Image: Spectral Studios

The DragonFire Add-On has got to be the best Add-On for including dragons in the Marketplace. There are 21 Dragons to collect and train, each looking so uniquely awesome. These Dragons will appear as Eggs, Hatchlings, and adult Dragons across your world.

Upon getting an Egg, you can hatch and raise your own Dragon. When it’s ready, you can ride and train the dragon to unleash your wrath, or just fly around with your friends. Training your Dragons does actually increase their stats, too.

As the Dragons nibble and groom themselves, you’ll be able to collect their scales to create suits of armor and weapons. They all look unique depending on the scales and have differing abilities and effects.

Note that there is a lite version which can be downloaded for free!

The DragonFire Add-On costs 830 Minecoins.


Image: Razzleberries

Decocraft is the best decoration Add-On in the Minecraft Marketplace. it features over 1,000 decorations, with more on the way. There are decorations for every theme, so every single player could use this Add-On to elevate their home. No matter if it’s a dungeon, a log cabin, or a penthouse.

This Add-On goes above and beyond the typical decoration expansion Add-On, by adding in lots of unique items, such as Billiards Tables with the cue racks. What’s more, is that you can place these decorations on top of carpets, which is a great feature.

I think it’s worth it for the lava lamps alone.

Decocraft costs 990 Minecoins.

Security Add-On

Security Add On
Image: 4KS Studios

The Security Add-On does a lot more than simply adding security cameras, which are already a great addition in their own right. This Add-On adds security cameras, furniture, traps, hidden doors, locks, and keycards to protect your most prized possessions.

I think this Add-On has the best potential for a creative angle. You can create a labyrinth of traps and secrets for your friends to test their skills against and can build prisons in a roleplay world. Due to the large amount of potential with the Security Add-On, I think it’s one of the best the Marketplace has going.

Whether to challenge your friends or keep them out of your goods, the Security Add-On is a great one to have.

The Security Add-On costs 660 Minecoins.


Image: Podcrash

Farming mods have been a staple of Minecraft since modding first began. And now you can expand your relaxing farming activities with FARMING. This Add-On adds over 160 new food items, as well as new crops, trees, and animals to really immerse yourself in the farming life.

Explore your world to uncover new types of crops to plant, and combine the fruits (and veg!) of your labor to create new food.

If you enjoy the relaxing process of farming and want more food variety, then FAMRING is for you.

FARMING costs 1340 Minecoins.

Sparks Pets Add-On

Spark Pets
Image: Spark Universe

Sparks Pets Add-On is the best pet Add-On for Minecraft currently going. There are loads of pets for you to find and tame, and that’s not where the funs ends!

You can accessorize your pets with top hats, superhero costumes, and even little headbands, making them somehow even more adorable. You can also dye their collars and accessories for you to show them off when they perform tricks.

Some of these pets will even help you in combat, such as the tiny T-Rex, although they’re better suited to being a cute companion. Each pet has their own tricks that they can perform, so try to tame them all!

Note that there is a lite version that can be installed for free!

Spark Pets Add-On costs 990 Minecoins.

Chest Pets Add-On

Chest Pets
Image: Float Studios

Chest Pets Add-On is an adorable yet super functional mod, with lots of features to delve into. These Chest Pets won’t just walk around and store your stuff, as they can be upgraded to perform a variety of actions.

Your Chest Pet can be made to fight, light the way, fly, and become a portable beacon. With so many upgrades and additions you can make to your Chest Pet, no two will be the same. What’s more, your Chest Pets can even display emotions, such as being frightened.

Having a little companion that can store your stuff is cool, but a Chest Pets is as valuable a companion as you’re going to get.

The Chest Pets Add-On can be bought for 990 Minecoins.

Spark Portals Add-On

Spark Portals
Image: Spark Universe

The Spark Portals Add-On is a Portals Add-On of huge proportions. Gone will be the days of Elytra travel and highways, as you’ll be able to craft your own portals that will connect between dimensions.

Create portal frames of any color that when entered will connect to all other portals of the same color. 160 portals can be created, which is more than enough to connect every single one of your sites of interest across every dimension.

This incredibly flexible Add-On will work perfectly for other Add-Ons that expand the Minecraft experience.

The Spark Portals Add-On can be bought for 660 Minecoins.

With your Minecraft world expanded and enriched, make sure all of your new dogs are prepared for the new craziness about to come their way.

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