Best units to use Emblem Soren with in Fire Emblem Engage

Soren Fire Emblem Engage Best Units

Fire Emblem Engage’s second wave of DLC included a host of additions, such as cosmetics, items, and the Novice Book to give to more SP. Aside from the items and cosmetics, it brought three more Emblems to the game. One of these units is Emblem Soren from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Here’s our guide on the best units to use Emblem Soren with in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best units to use Emblem Soren with in Fire Emblem Engage

The best units to use Emblem Soren with are either magic-based units or units that can siphon HP from opponents, like Qi Adept units. This is due to Emblem Soren’s base capabilities. He is a mage by trade, meaning he has strong buffs for anyone who is a magic user.

Magic users

You can use Emblem Soren with any offensive magic user in the game pretty efficiently. This means you can pair him up with any of Céline, Ivy, Citrinne, Lindon, and more. The reason you can pair him up with any magic user is due to his skills being based around amplifying the effectiveness of tomes and magic.

His skills include a dual-buff skill of magic/resistance, and ‘Magic Guard,’ which decreases the amount of damage taken by tome users. He also possesses the skill Anima Focus, which gives different attack effects to every type of offensive magic usable in the game.

Qi Adept units

Emblem Soren’s Type Bonus skill ‘Flare’ usually inflicts a -20% resistance effect on foes when attacking with tomes, and recovers 50% damage dealt as HP — which is fantastic. Qi Adept units however, have a different effect: the unit recovers 100% of damage dealt as HP, in exchange for no other effects. This means that if you’re using Framme, Seadall, or Jean in your party, you can use this incredibly important skill.

Soren Fire Emblem Engage Skills

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Emblem Soren’s best skills to use in Fire Emblem Engage

Outside of the aforementioned skills, Emblem Soren contains two other very useful skills in Fire Emblem Engage. One of these is the ‘Keen Insight’ skill, which lets you deal an extra amount of damage when using an effective attack. The other is ‘Block Recovery,’ which gives units using tomes a chance to keep an enemy broken. The chance to do this increases with the unit’s speed.

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