Best Vest to use in DMZ season 3 – Tier list

Dmz Season 3 Best Vests
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While having the best Cronen Squall build is one thing, having the best Vest in DMZ season 3 is another. There are now seven Vests thanks to the four new Vests introduced in DMZ season 3. Let’s get into it.

Warzone 2 DMZ season 3: Best Vest tier list

There are seven Vests in DMZ aeason 3: Comms Vest, Tempered Vest, Medic Vest, Stealth Vest, 3 Plate Vest, 2 Plate Vest, and 1 Plate Vest. Here’s a quick reminder of what each Vest does.

  • Comms Vest – Has three plates and boosts the duration of UAVs and Killstreaks. Turns all UAVs into Advanced UAVs and gives an audio cue when an enemy Operator is nearby.
  • Tempered  Vest – Has two plates that have 75HP per plate.
  • Medic Vest – Has three plates and makes self-revives and squadmate revives much faster.
  • Stealth Vest – Has three plates and a built-in Ghost perk making the wearer hidden from UAVs, portable radars, and heartbeat sensors.
  • 3 Plate Vest – Has three plates that have 50HP per plate.
  • 2 Plate Vest – Has two plates that have 50HP per plate.
  • 1 Plate Vest – Has one plate that has 50HP per plate.

Note: For more information on all Warzone 2 DMZ Barter Recipes, which includes how to make these Vests, check out our guide.

S-Tier Vest – DMZ season 3

  • Medic Vest – Best Vest for Squads
  • Comms Vest – Best Vest for Solo
  • Tempered Vest

If you play DMZ with friends, the best Vest is the Medic Vest. While only one or two of your squadmates need it, the Medic Vest is incredibly good to help your team stay alive when fighting enemy Operators and tough AI. Having three plates on top of the revive speed boost is what makes this Vest the best.

If you play DMZ solo, the best Vest is the Comms Vest. You get three plates as well as an upgraded UAV, Killstreak, and knowledge about close enemy Operators. This is by far the best solo Vest because it allows you to effectively keep tabs on every enemy around you.

The final S-Tier Vest is the Tempered Vest. This Vest is good for any party size and any player because, while you have fewer overall shields, you’ll plate up much quicker and have an advantage over your enemies. Each plate holds a lot more health than any other Vest’s plates which means you’ll use fewer plates and stay alive for longer.

A-Tier Vest – DMZ season 3

  • Stealth Vest
  • 3 Plate Vest

The Stealth Vest is a great one, especially for solo players. On top of getting three plates, you’re invisible to basically everything that could detect you. The only downside is that enemies with a Comms Vest will still get an audio cue if you’re nearby even if you have a Stealth Vest.

The 3 Plate Vest is still a solid option if you can’t get one of the new Vests that each carry some added perk.

B-Tier Vest – DMZ season 3

  • 2 Plate Vest

The 2 Plate Vest isn’t great, but it is better than the 1 Plate Vest.

C-Tier Vest – DMZ season 3

  • 1 Plate Vest

The worst Vest you can have in DMZ is the 1 Plate Vest. The first thing you should attempt to do is find a way to get a better Vest.

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