Best way to farm XP fast in Helldivers 2

Best way to farm XP fast in Helldivers 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Helldivers 2 allows players to use some of the spiciest weapon tech in the galaxy. The issue is it takes a while to earn enough XP to unlock them all. If you need XP pronto, let me show you the best way to farm XP fast in Helldivers 2.

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How to get XP fast in Helldivers 2

I just want to preface this guide by saying this method may quickly become tedious. The XP yield is there, but don’t kill this fantastic game for yourself over a couple of extra levels.

To earn XP quickly, I recommend picking an Extermination mission like the Eliminate Brood Commander task and setting the difficulty to Trivial or Easy. If you choose the latter, the mission may take a little longer, but you do earn slightly more XP.

Best way to farm XP fast in Helldivers 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Pick a dropzone close to the target and the extraction zone, as I have done in the picture above. With the trivial difficulty, your loadout doesn’t matter much, but I’m a big fan of the Eagle Strategems. The Strafing Run and Airstrike deploy incredibly fast and can be used multiple times without a long cooldown.

When you land, I recommend calling a Resupply immediately to top up your ammunition and grenades. Check your map, and head straight toward your objective. The goal is to defeat the target quickly and leave as soon as possible.

You can complete the mission within a few minutes with a little practice. If you have a squad mate, they can even wait at the extraction zone while you defeat the target. The XP per mission may not seem like much, but as you can do them so fast, the gains are excellent for minimal effort.

Do higher difficulties give more XP in Helldivers 2?

Yes, although the difference doesn’t seem as dramatic as you might think. If we’re strictly looking at “time vs. XP gain,” easier difficulties are the way to go.

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