Simulation Training Wuthering Waves Resonance Potions
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Best ways to farm Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves: Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Premium

You can't handle my potions.

There is no quicker way to level up your Resonators than using the Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves, so to farm them is your best option. However, Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves aren’t easy to come by, so you’ll need to know where to look.

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Fastest way to farm all Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves

There are a few methods you can use to get your hands on the Basic, Medium, Advanced, and coveted Premium Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves. Try some of these out to quickly level your characters.

Codes and giveaways

By far, the easiest way to get your hands on a ton of free resources, including the Resonance Potions, is to look out for codes and promos by the Wuthering Waves team. Following their Twitter and joining their Discord will help you know about them. There are often Twitch Drops and code giveaways that will result in loads of free items.

Quests and challenges

The in-game quests, found through your journal, will result in a ton of resources. Running through the storyline and various missions is a great way to farm Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves. Simply open up your task list with the pause menu and see what adventures await.

Simulation Training

In the north of the map in Jinzhou, you will find Yhan who can put you through the Simulation Training. These challenges will pit you and your team against waves of enemies that must be defeated within a time limit. Winning these challenges is one of the best ways to not only farm Resonance Potions but also get your hands on lots of other Wuthering Waves resources.

Simulation Training For Resonance Potions Wuthering Waves
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Make sure you choose the simulation training that awards Resonance Potions. On completion, you will have to pay 40 Wave Plate for your reward. Wave Plate regenerates individually over time, or you can pay to increase it. I recommend using all your Wave Plate in one day at the beginning of your play session and then returning to do the same at the start of the next day to farm a lot of Resonance Potions.

Dailies and Milestones

There are a selection of daily challenges that will be refreshed every day in Wuthering Waves. Nobody likes daily challenges, but they’re an easy way to farm Resonance Potions in Wuthering Waves. The milestones are also accessed through the Quests menu. Milestones are an early game method of getting your hands on potions and also some of the premium currency.

Buy Resonance Potions in the Wuthering Waves shop

Shop Wuthering Waves Resonance Potions
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Of course, it is always possible to purchase the higher-level Resonance Potions using the in-game shop. You can use your premium currency or simply buy premium currency and buy as many potions as you like. The temptation is always there in a free game like Wuther Waves.

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