Best Ways To Farm Sealed Tubes In Wuthering Waves
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Best ways to farm Sealed Tubes for Echo XP in Wuthering Waves: Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Premium

For Echo upgrades.

If you’re interested in leveling up your Echoes, you’ll need a ton of Sealed Tubes. But where can you find them? Here are the best ways to farm Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Premium Sealed Tubes in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to farm Sealed Tubes

Upgrading your Echoes means upgrading their stats, which is important if you want to succeed in combat. Besides using other Echoes, the only way to level up your Echoes is by spending Sealed Tubes. One of the best ways to farm Sealed Tubes in Wuthering Waves is to battle bosses at Tacet Fields.

Best Ways To Farm Sealed Tubes In Wuthering Waves Tacet Field
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At a certain part in the main story of Wuthering Waves, you’ll unlock the ability to fight bosses from Tacet Fields. They’ll show up on your map and in your Guidebook under “Forgery Challenge”. The Boss Challenge list is an easier way to track all the Tacet Field bosses available, but unfortunately, their level isn’t listed so it’s hard to tell which boss is best to tackle first.

Best Ways To Farm Sealed Tubes In Wuthering Waves Bosses
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My list shows that bosses will drop Medium Sealed Tubes, but my guess is that as I or the bosses get stronger they’ll grant you better Sealed Tubes to level up your Echoes. I also noticed that Sealed Tubes can be occasional rewards from other challenges such as certain Milestones or even just completing quests.

I recommend you tackle one boss and defeat them multiple times to farm some Sealed Tubes. Find the boss that is the easiest for you to defeat, allowing you to earn Sealed Tubes faster. They’re easily trackable on your map so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one.

Otherwise, complete the quests that list Sealed Tubes as rewards first, and check every challenge in your Guidebook to see if they also grant you Sealed Tubes. All while this is happening you’ll also slowly gain your Union Level with EXP earned.

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