Weapons In Return To Moria
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Best weapons in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria

A Dwarf's best friend.

In the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, your weapon is what will determine your fate against the evils that have made Moria their home.

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Better and stronger weapons become available to you as you progress along Return to Moria, but which ones are the best?

The top 10 weapons in Return to Moria

Below is a list of the top ten weapons in Return to Moria. Note that these weapons are from tier 4 and above, so if you don’t wish for late-game spoilers, don’t look on. There is also a range of types of weaponry here, so whether you like your weapons swinging or poking, you’ll find a weapon to suit your needs here.

Khazad Bolts

Troll King In Return To Moria
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Tier 4 – It is with these Khazad Bolts that I defeated the self-imposed Troll King of Mordor. I know that generally melee combat is preferable in Return to Moria, and there is an abundance of melee options. However, we shouldn’t disregard the bolts as they can do some serious damage from a safe place. They’re also fantastic for hunting animals, although you’d be better off using something cheaper. A solid bolt, you cannot go wrong with these bolts for powerful general use.

Khazad War Axe

Tier 4 – The Khazad War Axe is a slashing weapon that allows you to perform a spin attack that affects all enemies around you. It’s a solid weapon that deals good damage, however, it’s the lowest on this list of all other Khazad melee weapons due to the slowness of its first swing. Whenever I tried to use the Khazad War Axe, an enemy always managed to sneak a hit in first, which quickly turned into me running away to heal. The spin attack is desirable, however, as it can clear many weaker enemies if they’re hounding you, which can and will happen.

Dimrill Spear

Tier 4 – The Dimrill Spear is a piercing weapon that allows for quick and precise strikes. One of the two piercing melee weapons on this list, the Dimrill Spear is a better choice than may meet the eye. Sure, it may not be statistically as strong as the Khazad War Axe, but the superior rate of fire allows you to strike and stun enemies before they can hit you, something the Khazad War Axe does not allow. Being able to charge up and perform a flurry of powerful hits allowed me to get out of many uncomfortable situations in no time.

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Khazad Maul

Tier 4 – I truly love my bludgeoning weapons. The Khazad Maul allows for great damage, with a powerful charged swing attack that moves you forward to reach knocked-back enemies. Dependable and with a solid attack speed, the Khazad Maul is the best one-handed weapon out of all of the Khazad line. It doesn’t matter what Orc or Uruk is in front of you, they can be taken down with a crack to their skulls.

Khazad War Mattock

War Mattock In Return To Moria
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Tier 4 – The Khazad War Mattock is truly a sight to behold. Strong against armored (especially unarmored) enemies, this powerhouse will allow you to clear swathes of enemies in front of you. Whilst in Dwarrodelf, the Khazad War Mattock allowed me to push my way through all sorts of trouble that met me. Enhance it with a rune, and you’ll be practically unstoppable as you explore the Desolation and more.

Nogrod Bolts

Tier 5 – The strongest bolts in Return to Moria, you will want to have a few dozen of these at your disposal at all times. Being able to take down tough enemies from a distance is a great trait, and these bolts allow you to do just that. So hang back and relax as the Nogrod Bolts impale any oncoming threat. Nogrod Bolts are also the weapon of choice of any flying beast that thinks being in the air is an advantage. They’re also a way to soften up your target before it reaches you, saving you some durability on your other weapon.

Radiant Sword of Nogrod

Tier 5 – The greatest one-handed slashing weapon in Return to Moria, if you prefer to swing a sword through the dangerous mines, then this is the weapon for you. Not only does it look great, but none will stand in your way. There are stronger weapons, but none that will allow you to do the charged spin attacks that swords do.

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Red Axe of Nogrod

Tier 5 – The Dwarves love their axes. And you can embrace the Dwarven spirit with this great two-handed axe of destruction. My preferred choice of all the Tier 5 weapons, this powerful weapon combines two of my favorite things in a weapon: it’s two-handed and it’s an axe. If you share the same sentiment, then this will be the choice for you. However, if you prefer two-handed bludgeoning weapons, then you may want to look a little further.


Tier 6 Weapon In Return To Moria
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Tier 6 – Here we are the most powerful two weapons in Return to Moria, made from Mythril. The Shaz’akhnaman is a one-handed piercing weapon that combines great strength with great speed. The charged flurry attack is a sight to behold, and it’ll stop a whole hord in its tracks. Being able to interrupt an attack before it lands with such a devastating weapon is crazy, which explains the high cost. An end-game weapon, you’ll hardly have a better flex in your arsenal.


Tier 6 – The Sagrurisabun is an extraordinarily powerful two-handed bludgeoning weapon made from the mystical Mythril. An end-game weapon, you’ll want this weapon if you prefer to crush and obliterate your enemies, like I do. The charged attack is truly cathartic, and going toe-to-toe with great brutes like Trolls will become a lot more fun when you can match their mighty strength.

There you have it, the best weapons in Return to Moria.

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