Given their scale, structural requirements and complex player-to-player integration, MMOs are not the easiest games to design, build and launch. Some are decent out of the box, some are not.
As far as BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is concerned, their MMO enjoyed the most successful and stable launch in MMO history. The game’s lead designer, Daniel Erikson, tells us:
“I think one of the biggest issues coming right out of it was that we had a team that had been pushing incredibly hard, as you do to launch any game. We got the game out the door and… well, I’m going to go ahead and argue that we had the most stable, most successful launch for a major MMO in history. Right? Servers stayed up, we didn’t have any big issues, no people were getting locked out, none of that stuff.”
Erikson goes on to say that there were bugs, though: 
“But there were definitely bugs and things that we wanted to jump on right away… but we had a really, really tired team by that point! So, really, keeping the team energised and walking forward. We often say that you feel like you’ve passed the finish line when you get to the launch of an MMO, but really, what you did is you just started the race.”
Were you there for the launch of SWTOR? What were your own experiences on day/week one?

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